Next Version

Enhancements (V202X.XXX.XXXX)

Fixes and Usability

  • Added Undo Pending Changes Per Row.
  • Enhanced Copy Row Functionality.

July 2023

Enhancements (V2023.178.1000)

Net Soft Licensing (NSL) is available

Those customers with five or more Worx Plugins may convert from hardware network licensing.  

Fixes and Usability

  • Add - New clear filter/select buttons.
  • Add - New hyperlink button to ECE Software Licensing; Localhost:1968
  • Fix - Limited columns to drawing attributes.
  • Fix - corrected empty cell behavior in select-drag action.
  • Fix - HASP Licensing was not being released on exit.
  • Fix - Resolved issues with UNC project pathing.

August 2022

Enhancements (V2022.213.1430)

Initial Release

For more information on ATTEWorx, please view the page.