Piping in-lines and off-line components benefit from having pipe Route data automatically update valves, instruments, and others.  How can DIAGRAMS be set up so that data set on Routes will automatically propagate to Symbols?


Explore the 'Propagate Data' column setting under the Project Manager Fields.

Within Route tables, fields can be set to propagate.
That translates into always syncing Route data to associated symbols and their tables IF the same field exists there too.
Here are the 1,2,3... on how to do that.

1) Set the propagation, 2) select fields, and 3) Copy fields to target symbol tables.
Note that Fields are only copied if they do not already exist.

Next, you'll want to select all drawings and run the 'Save All Data' from the Project View.  This operation updates every route, symbol, and group that exists already in drawings with the new Table & Field changes.
CAUTION: start this processor before going to lunch or home for the evening, or even run it on an auxiliary workstation.
On larger projects, the duration can be long, but it is better than opening every drawing, right.

Finally, you'll Refresh SOCKETWorx Connections.  This operation will add those recently added Fields.  
Now those fields already have route data and will show it when added to Reports and Datasheets.

Also, it is highly recommended that these propagation fields be set to' Locked'.
DIAGRAMS is propagating route values automatically and any entered values will be overwritten after the next drawing sync, and save.