Here are some things to know when using ELECTROWorx.

Change cable tray length

Cable tray length can be updated using the properties palette in P3D.

After inserting a section of ELECTROWorx Cable Tray, select the item and open the properties palette.

Scroll down to the Part Properties section, then to the Part Geometry.

Change the L1 value to your desired length.

Change the Descriptions to match the new length.

Change cable tray spec and width.

Here is a short video of the process.

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Control Flange insertions on Vertical Inside & outside bends.

The AutoCAD UCS X-axis must be orientated perpendicular to the centerline and toward the tray opening.
Or it could look like this:

Setting the UCS is important! Grab it with the grip and simply drag it in the direction needed.

Change the default bend radius for the conduit

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