Use Case

DIAGRAMS is very flexible in regard to annotating routes, symbols, and groups.
The default Symbol Library includes some examples of how users can set up Symbol Library Sections for annotating pipe routes on P&IDs or to place justified descriptions for Electrical Components on control and power wiring drawings.  These are intended to be examples of what can be done with DIAGRAMS.

There are two Insertion Types; Annotation & TagLabel.

They are added under the Project Manager Library page.  Here are examples from the default content.

Annotation insert types are set by selecting Table and Field names.

TagLabel insert types are set by selecting a Symbol, or Block, file.

Once they have been added to symbol libraries, these insertion routines call on the AutoCAD Text and MLeader styles for font settings.  This article describes how DIAGRAMS sets them, so you know how to control annotation style settings before and after insertion.  Default Labels and Tags can be found under the last Icon within the Symbol Library ribbon section.

Annotation and TagLabel insertion commands and their options.

Once Annotations and TagLabel types are available, they will be assigned an AutoCAD Command.

Pick from ribbon sections or type a command and you will be offered the choice of placing as Text or MLeader.

Example1: Annotation Type


Select a Diagrams entity to annotate or [MLeader/DBText] <DBText>:  Pick Route, Symbol, or Group

Specify position of text or [Primary/Override/ROtate90/Left/Middle/RIght] <Primary> Pick Location

After selecting DBText, choose from the Commandline options prior to picking the insertion location.

Primary - Sets values based on Primary data

Override - Sets values based upon Override data

ROtate90 - will continue rotating upon entry.  Keep entering to keep rotating.

Left - Justify Left

Middle - Justify Middle

RIght - Justify Right.

Example2: TagLabel Type


Pick Route, Symbol, or Group

Pick Location

There are no options when placing TagLabel insertion types.  

Text Style Set up

Launch the Text Styles editor


Menu Bar:  Format>Text Style...

DIAGRAMS uses whichever Style is set current.

After placement, changes have to be made using the AutoCAD Properties palette.

MLeader Setup

Launch the Multileader Style Manager.  


MenuBar: Format > Multileader Style.  

DIAGRAMS uses the "Standard" delivered with AutoCAD.

After placement, other styles can be set using AutoCAD Properties.

Be aware that changes made to the Standard style will automatically propagate to all MLeader tags within the active drawing.  

Tag & Label Blocks

Create AutoCAD Blocks that consist of Attributes that are set to match DIAGRAMS field names.  When there is a match between them, values from DIAGRAMS will populate these blocks.   One use case is equipment labels placed on P&ID drawings as shown below for a Flat Vessel insertion type.

Most insertion routines permit the placement of a Tag and Label.

When inserting symbols, or groups, the Tag and Label blocks are placed as part of the routine.


Specify the first corner point: Pick the Lower Left Corner

Specify the other corner point: Pick the Upper Right Corner

Block insertion point: Pick Tag Location

Block insertion point: Pick Label Location