ECE Diagrams gives you a variety of options for the visual style of your identification tags.


  • Setup
  • MLeader Tags
  • DBText Tags
  • Block Labels
  • Creating a Tag Annotation


Diagrams' tagging utility gives you the flexibility to use both common annotation forms: Simple floating text known as DBText, and Mulitileaders (or MLeaders) using a leading line and arrow. The visual styles of these two annotation types are controlled through different AutoCAD settings.


The MLeader tag is controlled through the Multileader Style Manager. The manager can be opened using the command MLEADERSTYLE or found in the Menu Bar under Format > Multileader Style.  

Diagrams will only reference the "Standard" style that comes baked in with every AutoCAD file. Any visual changes to MLeader tags are made through changes to this Standard style. 

Changes made to the Standard style will automatically propagate to all MLeader tags in the drawing when the manager is closed. Any changes wished to be made to individual MLeader tags can be made through the AutoCAD properties palette.


DBText tags are controlled through the Text Style dialog menu. This menu can be opened using the command STYLE or found in the Menu Bar under Format > Text Style.

Diagrams references the drawing's "Current text style" (shown at the top right) when inserting a DBText tag into a drawing. The drawing's current text style can be switched or edited using this menu. 

Changes made to the drawing's current text style will only be reflected on tags placed after settings are saved and the menu is closed. Any changes to DBText tags already existing in a drawing can be made through the AutoCAD properties palette.

Block Labels

Block Labels are grouped lines of text consisting of a set of attributes that display information stored in various objects in a drawing such as Process Lines, Fixed and Rotating Equipment, or Inline Components. 

Block Labels and Equipment Tags are associated with the block they represent through the Library Editor in the Diagrams Project Manager. When inserting a block with a Tag and Label assigned, Diagrams will follow the placement of the equipment in the diagram with the placement of the Label and Tag

Creating a Tag Annotation

  1. Open the Labels Tags section of the Symbol Library
  2. Select desired attribute you wish to tag
  3. At the command line chose between MLeader or DBText, MLeader is active by default
  4. Select the Diagrams entity to annotate
  5. At the command line chose between annotating Primary or Override data, Override is active by default
  6. Mleader: First click will place the arrow, second click will place the annotation's text
    DBText: Click to place the annotation