User Case

Extracting material take-off reports from 3D models is as fundamental as it gets in PLANT design.  Fortunately, CADWorx PLANT (CWX) users have a property named Program Code that can be used to filter by.  It is kind of an invisible property, but if you look closely you'll find it all over the place like the Component Edit dialog and as a column in the spec editor.  It is not an editable property, so it is application-driven and therefore highly reliable.

Setup & Configuration

Worx Settings

Here is a download link to the MTOWorx Grid Settings file and the case images below.  
It contains six custom data views that have been configured using Program Codes as the governing filters.
Click here to download

MTOWorx is unique in that its Worx Setting can be exported and imported.  This feature allows users to quickly save and recall settings for collaboration and to service a wide array of use cases.  For example, an AutoCAD PLANT 3D requires different settings, so if MTOWorx is being used on both platforms, users would import settings based upon that.

Here are the data views for CADWorx Case 1.

All were set up so that PC, or program code is the first column.  

Since the text string 'program code' would result in a column that is too wide, its MTOWorx Column Display name was altered to PC.  In this way, a double click on the right edge of that column would minimize its width to the desired state.

The palette results are a PC column that is 2-4 characters wide.

Palette Settings

The Data Views are set under the Worx Settings whereas the column filters on those views are set on the palette.

Here there are two basic cases.  One where no column filters are set and the other where column filters have been set

There are indicators for these cases.  Under the Overall LIne/Drawing Filter palette section, all Data View names are prefaced with a status image.  The arrow image indicates there are no columns filter like case 1  The filtered image indicates one, or more, columns are filtered like case 2.  Column headers are appended with a checkmark when one or more values are set to hide their rows, as shown in case 2.

Setting Column Filters is very much like setting column filters in an application like Excel.

When dropping down the column filters by clicking on the right side of each column header, the option to uncheck one or more distinct values from the list becomes possible.

IMPORTANT:  filters must be set for each grid mode; Single, Total, and Cut

IMPORTANT:  If program codes are added during the modeling process then they will be visible because by default new components are set this way.

Program Code 101 - things to know

Program Codes have been part of CADWorx since birth.  They have matured with CADWorx, like in the late 90s when the Special End Type components were added to handle the sanitary, or hygienic, industry fittings.  But even with the transition from CADWorx 2012 to 2013, they persevered.

MTOWorx users within CWX can find a list of Program Codes on the MTOWorx Compare Processor.  Here the number prefacing the descriptions are program code, so these can be used to help filter data views.