Steps to create a VIEWWorx Template for Auto Drawing Production 

  • Start with a Template...DWT File

Its good practice to name the template based on the views it will have.  The screen shot shows FR_RT (Front and Right View).

  • Using the VIEWWorx Palette navigate to the Layout Tab and Set:
    • View Type
    • Visual Style
    • Shade Plot
    • Scale
NOTE: Ref Section 4.1 in the VIEWWorx Manual for descriptions on the above settings
  • Then hit the 'Draw Area For Views' Button

Once selected you will see a prompt to select the Lower Left Corner (of your view) and the Upper Right Corner (of your view). 
  • This selection will become the viewport for your Front View.  Repaet this for the Right View or any View you need to show up in this Template.

When complete, your template will look like the screen shot below.  
  • The Red Boxes are Views that the Template will use as Viewports based on the selected View/WorxBox.

  • Be Sure to Save your Template to the location shown in your settings for VIEWWorx Template Location.

  • Head back over to the Named/Line Views Tab on the VIEWWorx Palette and select the 'REFRESH' button to activate new Templates.

You are now ready to 'CREATE' drawings using VIEWWorx Templates.