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Enhancements (V202X.XXX.XXXX)

Fixes and Usability

  • Fixed Synching and Line Elevation issues.
  • Removed BricsCAD functionality.

March 2022 

Enhancements (V2022.54.100)

MLeader Cleanup.

Added MLEADERALIGN functionality while in BricsCAD.

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September 2021

Enhancements (V2021.245)

Fixes and Usability

  • Fixed elevation syncing issues.
  • Fixed missing dll error.
  • Added Better error trapping and logging for missing Plant3D Ortho Items.

February 2021

Enhancements (V2021.32)

Metric MLeader Style block added

July 2020

Enhancements (V2020.1.44)

Annotation Units

  • Added functionality to allow for different unit types for Elevations, Northings, and Eastings.

April 2020

  1. VIEWWorx is not only compatible with CADWorx®  & BricsCAD® , we are happy to bring this toll to AutoCAD Plant 3D® 
  2. Worx Plugins are now available through the Autodesk App Store

January 2019

  1. Insulation - ability to add CADWorx insulation to annotation

December 2018

  1. Updated Default text size