May 2022 (V2022.127.0900)

  • Updated - The Connected Drawing name will now be updated on connectors only during every drawing sync.
  • Updated -  In Project Manager the SAVE All DATA progress window will no longer stay on top of all other windows. Ticket #1850813
  • New - A new command has been added to the Symbol button on the Ribbon Panel called Flip C1:C2 that will swap the connector data between connector 1 and connector 2.  This command will only work on symbols with 2 connectors only.
  • Updated - Additional functionality has been added to the Clean Data button: 
    1. Remove any records in the Connections table that pointed to records in the common data table that did not exist.

    2. Remove any duplicate records in the Connections table that might have been created due to renaming drawings outside of the Diagrams environment. Some connectors might have become disconnected during this necessary process.

April 2022 (V2022.119.1400)

  • Fixed - Groups should now properly save their data when using the SAVEALLDATA command.  Ticket #1850813
  • Fixed - Apostrophes should no longer double when syncing data.  Ticket #1850767

April 2022 (V2022.112.1400)

Solution Article Added
How to propagate Route data to associated Symbols

  • New - The control center palette and Project Manager will now color code drawings based on their project status.
    • Valid (Green) - File is in the project folder and the filename has a record in the database.
    • File Only (Yellow) - File is in the project folder but the filename record is missing from the database.
    • Database Only (Red) - Filename is in the database but is missing from the project folder. 
  • New - Cleanup Data button has been added to the main page of Project Manager.  This button will scan all items in the database and will then remove any Common Data records that do not have a corresponding entry in the Items table. 

April 2022 (V2022.98.0500)

  • Fix - Copying a connector should now properly construct the record in the Connections table of the database.
  • Fix - Copying a connector should now properly assign the correct primary route information in both the xdata and the entity data.
  • Update - You can no longer associate a symbol to a connector that is connected to another connector.
  • Update - The connect connector dialog will now filter out any connectors with a primary route of NONE.
  • New - A new command called ECECONNECTORFORCEDELETE has been added to the Connector section of the ribbon.  This command will ask the user to select a connector and will then remove the data from the database by deleting the entire record in the Connections table.  The connector record in the Items table will also be deleted.  Once the data has been successfully deleted the connectors primary route will be set to NONE and then its data will by synced back into the database.  Any previous links to primary route data will be removed and the connector attributes will no longer be synced with a route.  The user should now be able to delete the connector or assign the connector to a primary route using the ECEASSOCIATESYMBOL command.  The ECECONNECTORFORCEDELETE command should only be used on connectors that are unable to be deleted using the delete command.
  • New - Copying a connector without a primary route attached will set is primary route Id to NONE.  Previously all connectors required a primary route ID.  This requirement has been removed when copying connectors.

April 2022 (V2022.91.1100)

  • Fix - To rename a drawing the currently loaded project must match the project in the Control Center.
  • Update - Any missing drawings in the database but not in the project folder will be displayed as an error message to the user whenever the project is loaded or reloaded both in the Control Center and in the Project Manager.
  • Update - You can now join a route to an existing route if the data is missing from the route.  Previously an error would be thrown and you could only delete the route with the missing data.
  • Update - Database interaction code has been rewritten to insure that all data is removed if an error occurs during a command.
  • Fix - Fixed issue where override fields where missing and the field could not be added due to the primary field already existing. (this situation occurs when an override is added to the field after it is already in the drawing.) The check for field exists is now separate for primary and override fields.
  • Update - Unused fields are now removed anytime the data is accessed instead of just at a sync.
  • Update - If a route is found to be missing its data the software will attempt to reconstruct the data on the route using the Primary Route Common Data.  Override data cannot be reconstructed and will need to be re-entered.
  • New - Added General/User Interface/Group  Worx Setting to surpress or load all Worx Settings which then only displays those from the application of interest.

March 2022 (V2022.11.1300)

  • Update - The table merge process will now pinpoint any issues during processing of data much better.  Exception Handling has been wrapped around each step with custom messaging if an error occurs.
  • Improved - Project Manager will now restrict field names to only contain alphanumeric characters and an underscore with the additional restriction that the name cannot start with an underscore or a number.

Added General/User Interface/Group  Worx Setting to surpress or load all Worx Settings which then only displays those from the application of interest.


February 2022 (V2022.68.1300)

  • Batch image processor has been added to the library control.
  • Added on/off flag to publish settings to move tracing to top or bottom.
  • Added ability to add hyperlink to the tracing.  Options to turn on/off and edit the Connection Id and the website to the publishing settings dialog.
  • The PDF Publish settings will instruct the user to construct a proper web address if it does not start with http:// or https:// 
  • Switching to the annotation type will now correctly remove any symbol file from its saved memory.
  • The Image Creator should now be working correctly in the Library Editor.  (still needs fully tested)
  • Added missing file so that Image Creation could finally work properly.  Ticket #1848834
  • Removed the ability to have a space in a field name on newly created fields.  Any previous field names with spaces will need to be updated manually.  Ticket #1848813.
  • When publishing tracing, all deadlegs should now publish with the correct linetype.  Ticket #1848736
  • Connector connect dialog optimization.  Opening the dialog should be must faster.
  • SQL call optimizations.  We have improved the way that Diagrams communicates with the SQL server for specific commands.  Items to be updated are cached until the end of the command and then pushed to the database when the command ends to minimize the amount of sql calls.  This should help with the speed of Diagrams when encountering Primary Routes that contain massive amounts of linked items.  Currently the commands that utilize this new method are:  BLOCKDATAEDIT, GROUPDATAEDIT, POLYLINEDATAEDIT POLYLINEMULTIDATAEDIT, SAVEALLDATA, COPYDATA, and SYNCHRONIZEDATA.  Additionally, any process that calls synchronize data will also take advantage of this new process.  This includes saving the drawing and importing a drawing.  New commands will come online as we find that they need optimization and they become fully tested.
  • Symbols with their table set to none should now import as Diagrams objects when using the import functionality.
  • When importing and choosing a database option, you will now be able to also choose which fields the xdata values of size, spec, and tag are imported to.  Please note that these values come from the xdaDIAGRAMS ta and not the database.
  • Ability to turn on/off individually the values of tag, size, and spec when importing the xdata.
  • the mleader functionality of the Annotation insert type has been improved.
  • General improvements to import speed and processing.
  • Importing the .dat file will now correctly check for the process lines table and determine if the symbol should have its table name changed to reflect the removal of spaces in table names
  • A new button has been added to the pdf publishing dialog that will prepopulate the settings for exporting to SOCKETWorx.  Please note that you will still need to set a correct output directory, connectionID, and webaddress.  If the publish hyperlinks option is checked then any previous layers ending in the name SWHYPERLINKS will be turned off during publishing.  Also please note drawings that do not have a page setup saved for modelspace will use generated settings for publishing to pdf.  We are still attempting to discover what the correct generated settings are that will allow hyperlinks to show in SOCKETWorx.  The current workaround/fix for this is to save the DWG To PDF.pcs file as the page setup in modelspace.  This should be done to the project template also.
  • Process Line tables should now automatically have the Is Route checkbox checked.
  • Diagrams should no longer ask to sync the project if an opened drawing is not in the database.
  • All project updates have been moved from Diagrams and into the project manager.  If a project version discrepancy is detected, then the update project button will appear in the project control panel of the Project Manager.  A dialog will pop up allowing you to change the username and password to access the database if needed.  After successful completion the project version will be updated to the current version.
  • When a project is loaded, a project version check will be ran and instruct the user to update the project via the Project Manager if needed.
  • Updating the Items Table with the items cache will now correctly call the stored procedure when using schemas with the database in sql.
  • Inserted items will now honor the linetype as set by the layer linetype in the configuration file.  Please note that routes and instrument lines will override the layer linetype with their own linetype.  Blocks will also need to have their geometry set to ByLayer.  The most noticeable difference will be in the items that are jigged like vessels and tanks.  The linetype for the layer will now be honored correctly.
  • The rename drawing button in the Control Center has gained its lost tooltip.
  • ECECOPYDATA command has been added to the Utilities Panel under the Copy dropdown
  • Creating a new table or importing a new table will automatically create the tooltip view for that table.
  • The PDF Publish settings will instruct the user to construct a proper web address if it does not start with http:// or https:// 
  • Switching to the annotation type will now correctly remove any symbol file from its saved memory.


Convert CADWorx P&ID Drawings into DIAGRAMS

January 2022 (V2022.##.####)

  • Fixed -  Database columns with string length set to MAX will now import.
  • Improved - Edit dialogs default to System View whenever the view set is not present upon launch.
  • Improved - AutoCAD Block Attribute TAG values will Synchronize with databases whenever they contain underscore suffixes.  Basically, DIAGRAMS is ignoring any trailing underscore on TAG and COLUMN Name Values.
    This resolves issues associated with legacy CADWorx project database field and symbol block attribute naming conventions.
    <Technical Solution>

  • Fixed an issue where Diagrams would crash Plant3d when switching or closing a drawing.
  • Project Manager - Visual fix for the import block forms.  The vertical scroll was always showing and hiding the import/close buttons.
  • Drawing Import - Route by layer will search all imported drawings for layers with lines and polylines
  • Drawing Import - Exclude block functionality will scan all imported drawings for blocks.
  • Drawing Import - Imported routes will now retain original linetype upon import.
  • Drawing Import - Import Settings Dialog is no longer available from regular settings menu.
  • Drawing Import - Numerous small bug fixes related to importing a legacy drawing.
  • Drawing Import - Symbols should now be linked to routes much better.
  • Drawing Import - Sizes should now be syncing to symbols from routes on Import Legacy Drawings
  • Drawing Import - Improved filtering of data on data sync between routes and symbols.  This should cut down on the warnings being displayed about symbols not syncing to routes and the need to manually link them.
  • Added two new insertion types, ConnectorMirror and NozzleMirror to handle blocks built in opposite direction
  • Drawing Import - Connectors will now import properly and be able to connect to other project drawings
  • Drawing Import - Legacy data (tag, spec, and size) can now be imported to customizable fields thru the import settings.
  • Tracing Publishing - Can set the output directory now to a static directory or a dynamic directory tied to the project.
  • Tracing Publishing - Include/not include <FIELD VALUE NOT ENTERED> option for publishing Pdfs 
  • Tracing Publishing - Included option to combine Dead Leg Groups (DL) with their parent group.
  • Tracing Publishing - Better progress indication for tracing publishing
  • Tracing Publishing - DeadLeg drawings will now be created when combining DeadLeg pdfs.  Note that these drawings are a duplicate of the parent drawing with just a name change.
  • Tracing Publishing - Symbols should now trace correctly.
  • Block Data Mismatch error should report route table name, symbol table name, and the field name that is trying to have its data synced between the two.
  • Project Manager - Error notifications when auditing attributes and auditing drawings for blocks should now pop up on the screen.  Additional pop ups have been created so show the end of the audit process so the user will know when the audit is complete.
  • SAVEALLDATA Will now automatically call a sync to the database when complete.  This will make sure that data is synced correctly from routes to linked items.
  • Drawing Import - When importing fields from a table in the project manager, all field lengths will now be set to 255 regardless of length in database.  This is to minimize error popups when syncing data between routes and symbols.
  • Drawing Import - When importing a .DAT file in the Project Manager the symbol and image names should now be coming in correctly if the .dwg is missing from the .dat file.
  • Drawing Import - When importing a .DAT file in the Project Manager the symbol and image names should now be set for vessels/tanks/components.  The names are being set to the dwg files and image files that are shipped with the default project.  The names are keyed off of the symbol type, and the vessel type, tank type, and the vessel head type.  
  • Tracing Publishing - Fixed an issue with tracing where if the tracing style called for a linetype that was not in the drawing then a crash could occur.  Now a warning will be issued to the log file and the line type will be set to CONTINUOUS
  • Added ability to change the linetype of deadleg routes during publishing.  The linetypes are changed at the publishing dialog and are saved in the settings file.
  • When refreshing the tracing treeview, the nodes under the root will now be automatically collapsed.
  • Hid the import and export style buttons on the tracing palette.
  • Tracing styles are now saved correctly in the drawing.  Previous styles may be missing and may need to be setup again in the tracing treeview.
  • An overall drawing is now published in addition to individual drawings.  This overall drawing only applies to the currently opened drawing and any connected drawings will only have its connected fields published.
  • PDF publishing will now publish drawings that have not had their tracing values set.  The values will instead come from the main drawing instead of the individual drawings.  This causes a small increase in publish time due to the individual drawings needing to be scanned and processed by Diagrams.
  • When publishing, the tracing lines will be moved to the top of the stack.  In testing, hyperlinks that appear below tracing are still able to be clicked and do not need to be transferred to the tracing lines.
  • Symbol Re-Associate now allows you to select multiple symbols to re-associate at once.
  • DeadLeg linetypes will now print correctly on DeadLegs that do not have a parent.
  • The PrimaryRouteId will now transfer when syncing data between routes and symbols.  Increased speed of the entire process.
  • The import drawing process will now wait until the end of the process to sync data to the database.
  • Optimized the symbol to symbol connection process.
  • Route Mapping import settings should no longer throw an error when opening the dialog is the values were previously set.

December 2020

Project Manager>Fields

Four system fields for port size has been added.   These represent connection points on inline components such as valves.  

Concatenating a pressure safety valve tag is a good use case for these fields where a field for the Orifice Size\Spec could be sandwhiced to form a common string.

July 2020  Version 2020.1.41

This version can be installed over existing installations.

Project Manager>Setup 

  1. When Creating new drawings Users can adjust these fields when clicking the Add drawing buttons on the Diagrams Control Center palette or from the Project Manager > Setup interface.  
    The values entered are single-use and will return to the Setup values afterward.

Project Manager>Tables

  1. Added STD_WiringTerminations to support wire and cable terminal annotation.
  2. Added STD_PFDStream to support the creation of Process Flow Diagrams.

Project Manager>Fields

  1. Capital and small 'X' values were added as separators for concatenation fields.  1) create a new field and set the Field Type to ConcatenationType,  2) launch the edit form,  and 3) position separators between fields.
  2. Added several SYSTEM fields. These fields will be added automatically to Projects created in previous versions:
  3. Added fields to STD_ElecComp table to store additional information related to electronic components:
    • ID_EnclosureTag, S_AmpsFrame, S_MotorContactSize, S_PowerRating, S_VoltageRating
  4. Added fields to STD_Equipment table to store additional information related to equipment installations:
    • ID_EnclosureTag, P_SizeDescription
  5. Added fields to STD_PFDStream and STD_PFDRoute tables to store information related to Process Flow Diagrams:
    • ID_Stream, P_FluidDensity, P_FluidDescription, P_FlowRateOperating, P_FluidServiceCode, P_PressureOperating, P_RoutedFrom, P_RoutedTo, P_RouteLength, P_System, P_TemperatureOperating,
  6. Added fields to "Cable Termination" and "Wire Termination" views to store information related to Wiring Diagrams:
    • ID_ConductorNumber, ID_ConductorSuffix, ID_ConductorType, LAB_Cable, S_Amps, S_CablePair, S_Color, W1_Enclosure, W1_T1, W1_TSNumber, W2_Enclosure, W2_T1, W2_TSNumber
  7. Added fields to "CAD Label Data" view to store additional information in CAD Labels:
    • ID_Number, ID_NumberSuffix, ID_Type
  8. Added fields to "Specification Info" view to support Specification Information:
    • ID_TagNumber, S_AmpsFrame, S_HP, S_LightColor, S_MotorContactSize, S_PowerRating, S_VoltageRatio, S_Volts
  9. Added the "MI Inspection Circuit" field for identifying Inspection Circuits for Instruments in the STD_Instruments table and Mechanical Components in the STD_MechComp table. This field is viewable in the "Line Number", "Tag Info" and "ID Tag" views

Project Manager>Views

  1. Added "ToolTips" view for easy access to edit information appearing the Tool Tip when hovering over an object
  2. Added "Wire Terminations" view
  3. Changed "Vessel-Exchanger Labels" to "Label Data - Mechanical" 
  4. Changed "Electrical Labels" to "Label Data - Electrical"

Project Manager>Layers

  1. Added "Route Electrical 2" layer with Color = 6 and Linetype = Continuous
  2. Changed "Revision" layer Color from 255 to 7 to ensure Revision layer appeared black on white backgrounds and white on black backgrounds 

Diagrams Control Center

  1. Added LINKWorx Plugin Utilities:
    A) Tracing Tab
    B) LINKWorx Licensing Tab
    C) Button to add and populate hyperlinks with SOCKETWorx data

Symbol Library

  1. Update 4WayBreak Insertion routine enables placement on routes as long as there is a continuous route through the cross.


  1. The 'Copy Assembly' command has been removed.  Copying routes, symbols, and groups is now accomplished by setting the ECECOPYDATA parameter and using the AutoCAD COPY command.

    Set this parameter then use COPY.
    When set to 0 or 1 values will be copied if the the field is set to copy in the Project Manager

When set to 2 values will not be copied and XData will be empty after copying

January 2020 Version 2020.1.22

This version can be installed over existing installations.

Symbol Library

  1. Added Line Break Distance control as a Line insert type property

Nozzles & Internals

  1. Radial 'Single Line' was associated to the Equipment Table and is now associated to the Piping Components Table along with all other nozzles.
  2. Radial 'Double Line' was set to was set to 9-ComponentsPiping Layer and is not set to 7-EquipmentMechanical Layer along with all other nozzles

Lines & OPC

  1. Corrected block filenames for TO, FROM, & Bidirectional connectors.
  2. Applied 0.25 Line Break Distance to all process lines
  3. Applied 0.125 Line Break Distance to all instrument lines


  1. Added Inline Local Device as BreakLine insert Item.


  1. Applied 0.125 Line Break Distance to shop and field wiring

January 2020 Version 2020.1.16

Beta Version released for consumption (V2020.1.16)

ECE is pleased to announce the release of ECE DIAGRAMS for AutoCAD

This application is designed to satisfy the need for inherently intelligent diagram, or schematic, type drawings.  

It is suitable for a wide range of drawing applications across many disciplines like process, controls, and electrical.