December 2020

Project Manager>Fields

Four system fields for port size has been added.   These represent connection points on inline components such as valves.  

Concatenating a pressure safety valve tag is a good use case for these fields where a field for the Orifice Size\Spec could be sandwhiced to form a common string.

July 2020  Version 2020.1.41

This version can be installed over existing installations.

Project Manager>Setup 

  1. When Creating new drawings Users can adjust these fields when clicking the Add drawing buttons on the Diagrams Control Center palette or from the Project Manager > Setup interface.  
    The values entered are single-use and will return to the Setup values afterward.

Project Manager>Tables

  1. Added STD_WiringTerminations to support wire and cable terminal annotation.
  2. Added STD_PFDStream to support the creation of Process Flow Diagrams.

Project Manager>Fields

  1. Capital and small 'X' values were added as separators for concatenation fields.  1) create a new field and set the Field Type to ConcatenationType,  2) launch the edit form,  and 3) position separators between fields.
  2. Added several SYSTEM fields. These fields will be added automatically to Projects created in previous versions:
  3. Added fields to STD_ElecComp table to store additional information related to electronic components:
    • ID_EnclosureTag, S_AmpsFrame, S_MotorContactSize, S_PowerRating, S_VoltageRating
  4. Added fields to STD_Equipment table to store additional information related to equipment installations:
    • ID_EnclosureTag, P_SizeDescription
  5. Added fields to STD_PFDStream and STD_PFDRoute tables to store information related to Process Flow Diagrams:
    • ID_Stream, P_FluidDensity, P_FluidDescription, P_FlowRateOperating, P_FluidServiceCode, P_PressureOperating, P_RoutedFrom, P_RoutedTo, P_RouteLength, P_System, P_TemperatureOperating,
  6. Added fields to "Cable Termination" and "Wire Termination" views to store information related to Wiring Diagrams:
    • ID_ConductorNumber, ID_ConductorSuffix, ID_ConductorType, LAB_Cable, S_Amps, S_CablePair, S_Color, W1_Enclosure, W1_T1, W1_TSNumber, W2_Enclosure, W2_T1, W2_TSNumber
  7. Added fields to "CAD Label Data" view to store additional information in CAD Labels:
    • ID_Number, ID_NumberSuffix, ID_Type
  8. Added fields to "Specification Info" view to support Specification Information:
    • ID_TagNumber, S_AmpsFrame, S_HP, S_LightColor, S_MotorContactSize, S_PowerRating, S_VoltageRatio, S_Volts
  9. Added the "MI Inspection Circuit" field for identifying Inspection Circuits for Instruments in the STD_Instruments table and Mechanical Components in the STD_MechComp table. This field is viewable in the "Line Number", "Tag Info" and "ID Tag" views

Project Manager>Views

  1. Added "ToolTips" view for easy access to edit information appearing the Tool Tip when hovering over an object
  2. Added "Wire Terminations" view
  3. Changed "Vessel-Exchanger Labels" to "Label Data - Mechanical" 
  4. Changed "Electrical Labels" to "Label Data - Electrical"

Project Manager>Layers

  1. Added "Route Electrical 2" layer with Color = 6 and Linetype = Continuous
  2. Changed "Revision" layer Color from 255 to 7 to ensure Revision layer appeared black on white backgrounds and white on black backgrounds 

Diagrams Control Center

  1. Added LINKWorx Plugin Utilities:
    A) Tracing Tab
    B) LINKWorx Licensing Tab
    C) Button to add and populate hyperlinks with SOCKETWorx data

Symbol Library

  1. Update 4WayBreak Insertion routine enables placement on routes as long as there is a continuous route through the cross.


  1. The 'Copy Assembly' command has been removed.  Copying routes, symbols, and groups is now accomplished by setting the ECECOPYDATA parameter and using the AutoCAD COPY command.

    Set this parameter then use COPY.
    When set to 0 or 1 values will be copied if the the field is set to copy in the Project Manager

When set to 2 values will not be copied and XData will be empty after copying

January 2020 Version 2020.1.22

This version can be installed over existing installations.

Symbol Library

  1. Added Line Break Distance control as a Line insert type property

Nozzles & Internals

  1. Radial 'Single Line' was associated to the Equipment Table and is now associated to the Piping Components Table along with all other nozzles.
  2. Radial 'Double Line' was set to was set to 9-ComponentsPiping Layer and is not set to 7-EquipmentMechanical Layer along with all other nozzles

Lines & OPC

  1. Corrected block filenames for TO, FROM, & Bidirectional connectors.
  2. Applied 0.25 Line Break Distance to all process lines
  3. Applied 0.125 Line Break Distance to all instrument lines


  1. Added Inline Local Device as BreakLine insert Item.


  1. Applied 0.125 Line Break Distance to shop and field wiring

January 2020 Version 2020.1.16

Beta Version released for consumption (V2020.1.16)

ECE is pleased to announce the release of ECE DIAGRAMS for AutoCAD

This application is designed to satisfy the need for inherently intelligent diagram, or schematic, type drawings.  

It is suitable for a wide range of drawing applications across many disciplines like process, controls, and electrical.