Next Version

Enhancements (V202X.XXX.XXXX)

Fixes and Usability

  • Removed BricsCAD functionality.

July 2023

Enhancements (V2023.195.500)

  • UPDATE - Suppressed Highlighting error messages when the HighLighting palette is not active and/or visible. Ticket #1851652

April 2021

Enhancements (V2021.75)

Added Draw Order Button

Added a button to force the SOCKETWorx hyperlinks to the back of a drawing.

April 2020

Better website naming control.

Adding hyperlinks now has functionality for metric files.

October 2019

With our latest enhancements to LINKWorx, we have enlarged the PDF hyperlinks making them easier to select in PDF viewers and SOCKETWorx

September 2019

Enhanced the PDF Hyperlink command to be scriptable.

Compatibility with more applications 

Now BricsCAD V19 compatible

Since CADWorx will run on BricsCAD, we strive to keep the Worx Plugins compatible with it.