Next Version

  • New - Report - Allow import of images into template.
  • New - DataViews - Add Row feature improved to allow 1000 rows.

January (2023.1.4.2240)

  • Misc - Connection Refresh - Added more troubleshooting log events and converted to Long Running Task to identify issues if they occur.
  • New - Project Management - Added Default Sort Functionality to views.
  • New - Project Management - Global Edit added for text field types.
  • New - Project Management - Project/Timesheet interaction Firm Fixed Price/Non-billable and Invoice Flag.  See Solution.
  • New - Specworx Materials - Modified Import to handle LookUp1 - 9 based on Part Number.
  • Fix - Data VIews - Edit Report View Filter Row implemented 

December (2022.1.343.1244)

  • Fix - Edit Mode - First line in edit mode not respecting date fields.
  • Fix - Misc - CSS Fixes affecting new themes.
  • Fix - Dashboard - Datasheet Widget Menus not working as designed.  

November (2022.1.322.600)

  • Fix - Datasheets - Text Entries from Diagrams projects in the form of a date format were being converted to actual dates.  This has been resolved. 
  • Fix - Edit Mode - The first row in a specified Date column is incorrectly formatted as string.
  • Update - Edit Mode -Disabled Cells now have a .03 Opacity to sharpen the text for viewer
  • In Progress - Worksheets are not read correctly if they contain certain elements. 
  • New - Update to SASS themes.
  • New - Updated to latest toolset.
  • New - Updates to CSS


  • New - Snapshot Module - Added the ability to upload shapshot Total and Cut Bill of Materials from MTOWorx and then use snapshots for compare.
  • Fix - PDF Viewer - Assigning MOC to annotation comment was failing.  
  • Fix - MOCs - Data only MOCs can now be closed.  A selection bug was introduced in 2022.1.259.805.
  • Fix - Datasheets - Special Field File Name was incorrectly being populated if static fields were included in the naming convention.
  • Fix - Logging - Log File Submission to support is now limited to the last 6 files.
  • Fix - Datasheets - Free Form Fields were write protected in certain situations.
  • Fix - View Manager - Bulk Status Reporting status was not loaded correctly while editing a view.  This has been resolved.
  • Fix - View Manager - Default Sort was not set correctly when cloning a view.
  • Fix - Edit Mode - In Combo Reporting, if the field name match but the "Case" (uppercase/lowercase) did not match between tables then an additional empty field was appended to the view.  This has been resolved.
  • Project Manager - Detail View Admin - Dialog Window is now resizable.
  • Project Manager - Detail View Admin - Adding/Removing/Dragging/Reordering is now working again.
  • Project Manager - Detail View Admin - CSS issue of text color in Default Theme is now white on blue background for easier reading.
  • New - Edit Mode - Views have a new toggle for "Use Report Template In Edit Mode".  This toggle allows Edit Mode to load the View's Report Template in Edit Mode.  Data will start on the data row indicated in the Report Template setup or plus one if the Include Headers on the report template setup is selected. 


  • Fix - Data View - Default View Sorting is now Copying Between Connections
  • Fix - Data Views - Fix Css issue on loading gifs not appearing on the combo lists while loading
  • Fix - Static Fields - Are now able to be copied to another connection.
  • Fix - Edit Mode - Dropdown filter in default theme was not turning color on filter applied.  This has  been resolved
  • Fix - Edit Mode - Fixed Css on Sheet Tab.
  • Fix - Data Views - Fixed View Where Clause where 'Not Equal' statements were missing a parenthesis.
  • Fix - Specworx Materials - Date Modified information was fixed so it will display and sort correctly.
  • New - Edit Mode Spreadsheet - Column Data Types from SQL are respected  Strings are formatted as text fields in the spreadsheet.
  • New - Data View - If the Sort Order was saved on the view, the grid sorting was ignored.  It was requested to allow grid sorting to apply and if the grid sorting is cleared the view sort should reapply.
  • New - Edit Mode - Find and Replace now supports Non-Contiguous Cell Ranges
  • New - Datasheets - Rollback revisions now available.
  • New - Datasheet Widget - Ability to bulk issue, download (excel or pdf) based on selection or based on current grid filter.
  • New - Bulk Datasheet downloads - Downloads now run in as a task.  When complete an email is sent to the user with a download link.
  • New - Export Specworx Material By Specification.

September (2022.1.259.805)

  • Fix - Built in Diagrams views affected by new Sort Order and not shown.  This is resolved.
  • Fix - Data View - Diagrams orphaned Route Data (Common Data) was being shown when a Route Table was displayed.  This has now been resolved.  At times, there is orphan data until a sync or save is performed.  However, this was not meant to be shown in SOCKETWorx.

September (2022.1.251.1515)

  • New - Datasheets - Datasheet Dashboard Widget Added.  Displays all Components assigned datasheet templates and current revision.
  • Fix - View Manager - View Owner column shown as zero width.
  • New - Data View - Max Row Height now settable in Top Toolbar.
  • Fix - Report Template Editor - CSS issues on Flyout for field insertion.
  • Fix - Datasheet Template Editor - CSS Issues on Flyout for field insertion.
  • Fix - Report Template Editor - Info button no longer functioning.
  • Fix - Datasheet Template Editor - Info button no longer functioning.
  • Fix - Dash View - If a single item was in the list to view then it was not selectable to toggle.
  • New - General - Updated Column Menu Icons to match standNew - Data View - Added ability to modify Max Row Height.
  • New - Data View - Default Sort saved with view.
  • New - Data View - Column Width added to Column Menu.
  • Fix - API - Added fix for new Updated Authorization.
  • Fix - Data View - Document Exists indication was incorrect for non-pdf files and has been fixed.
  • Fixed - Specworx - Notify Email now lists projects being sent not Project Ids.
  • Added - Documents - Ability to download/email non pdf documents from the Data View S
  • Added - Data Views - Added Image Viewer so image documents can be opened on the Data View screen.
  • Fixed - Edit Mode - Header column is now locked for editing.
  • Fixed - Edit Mode - Numeric Columns can now be cleared and still allow save.  Cleared values will be saved as 0.
  • Fixed - Edit Mode - Undo now functions correctly.
  • Fixed - Data Views - Export to template without Include Header and AutoFilter Enabled will now put the AutoFilter on the row above the data start row.
  • Fixed - Dashboard - Duplicate Count Details correctly respect overall drawing filter.
  • Fixed - SPECWorx Materials - Export Report is now emailed in lieu of downloading as too much time is required to create the report.
  • Fixed - MTO and Single Special Views were not showing data.
  • New - Dashboard - Added ability to add dashboard charts based on 
  • Fixed - General - Issue with dual list boxes and ordered selected items.  
  • Fixed - All - Miscellaneous CSS issues with latest update.
  • Updated - Dashboard - Updated Dashboard to new control
  • Fixed - Data Views - IS NOT EQUAL where clause was not returning NULL records.  This has been resolved.
  • Fixed - PDF Viewer - Comments for original Markups were being loaded but could not be saved as the DocId did not match.  A fix was added to the system.
  • Fixed - General - More CSS issues due to upgrade of component package.
  • Fixed - Project Management - Filtering upgrade on Item Single Select Grid.  
  • Fixed - Project Management - Total count now accurately reported on the Single Select Grid when filtered. 

July (2022.1.209.1355)

  • Fixed - Diagrams Convert To Fraction function in SQL Server.  Refresh of Diagrams Connections is required.

July (2022.1.196.724)

  • Fixed - Data Views - Fixed issue if Diagrams Concatenation was not set then display would lock up.
  • Updated - Data Views - Updated the way SOCKETWorx handles fields that start with Numbers or have special characters (#, -, " ") embedded in the field names.
  • Fixed - CRM - Boolean Filtering in CRM Module was not returning correct information if the field was initially populated with null or empty string values.
  • Fixed - Data Views - Support for special characters in field names is now more robust and should allow all SQL allowable options.

April (2022.1.119.928)

  • Added - Tacit Document System.  Once enabled on Connection, documents that match the naming convention specified are tacitly attached to a record/component.
  • Added - Security Encryption Improvements to SQL Database
  • Added - Cloud Viewer Admin - Added the ability to assign and unassign connections for Automatic Point Cloud Geo Tagging.
  • Fixed - Common Dialog Select Item - Fixed error caused by Sorting without an initial item selected.
  • Added - Cloud Viewer - Moved Control to Toolbar.
  • Added - Cloud Viewer - Moved Over Settings to Footer Tool
  • Fixed - Combo Report - Fixed issue where fields have no match detected due to case of the characters.
  • Added - Cloud Viewer - Added the View Cube.
  • Added - Cloud Viewer - Allow Multiple Models to be loaded into the viewer.
  • Added - Cloud Viewer - Allow Multiple Point Clouds to be loaded into the viewer
  • Fixed - PDF Viewer - Issue Opening Documents with Ampersand from data pages.
  • Fixed - Charts - Duplicate Count Chart issue where throwing an error in some circumstances based on caching in SQL Server.

  • Added - Materials - Export Part Size Long Description in lieu of Long Description.

  • Fixed - Materials Admin - CSS Issue

  • Fixed - Combo Edit - Copying Combo Edit View to another connection will now try to maintain the combo edit associated tables.

April (2022.1.93.914)

  • Partial Compatibility Fix for SQL Server 2014

April (2022.1.92.1809)

  • Fixed - PDF Viewer - urls were being set incorrectly for stamps and cursors due to browser changes in Chrome.  This has been resolve.
  • Fixed - Datasheet Lists - Selecting a List Item would not work if the Cell was in edit mode.  This would happen if the click event was picked up by the cell when the button was pressed.  This is prevented now.
  • Added - Datasheet Lists - The selection button Image has been updated.
  • Fixed -Lists - Editing Database Lists would not bring up the currently selected items.  Reworked code to initiate event properly.
  • Fixed - Static Lists - Updated CSS Issue with the New List Dialog.
  • Added - Lists - Added support for Lists on the PDF Data Flyout.
  • Added - Ability to open in new tab from the menu system in tool tip.
  • Fixed - Setup - When copying table setting, if the Datasheet Naming Convention references a static field that does not exist for the 'copy to' table then the user will now be shown a warning the log files and the copy will complete without error.
  • Added - Data Views - Column Virtualization to increase speed when trying to display over 30 Columns.  
  • Fixed - Data Views - CSS issue where the user image and display name would move right of the viewable screen.
  • Fixed - MOC - Corrected PDF Review Status on Annotations.
  • Added - Lists - Ability to sort built in lists
  • Added - Combo Edit.  Edit 2 or more tables at once.  Field Names, Field Types, List IDs, Date Formats must match between tables.
  • Added - Database Lists - Lists can be attached to a Table / Field in another Connection.  Database Lists function in Edit Mode and Datasheet Mode.
  • Fixed - Datasheets - Date popup was displaying for lists too.  This has been resolved.
  • Fixed - Dashboard - If more than one duplicate count view. the Duplicate Count Chart fails to populate.  This ha
  • Fixed - PDF Viewer - Fixed issue where query would not return Work Orders associated with current drawing.
  • Fixed - Datasheets - Permission issue with Viewing Datasheets.  
  • Fixed - Datasheets - Permission issue with Editing WIP Datasheet Editable Values.
  • Fixed - Data View - Primary Document display for Diagrams - Assumed PDF Fields and non-Drawing Primary Document Field issues resolved.
  • Fixed - MOC - Permissions warning would hang screen and require a page refresh.  Resolved.
  • Fixed - Combo Edit - Columns offset for Non-Editable Columns.  Issue resolved.
  • Update - Data View - Changed Legend and Color Indication on PDF Button - Green: All Primary Documents Exist and Available, Yellow: Some Files Missing, Red: All Files 
  • Update - Data Views - Added additional page sizes for the grid.
  • Fixed - PDF Viewer - Data Flyout was incorrectly displaying Decimal Fields.  This has been resolved.
  • Updated - General - Additional logging for Account Actions has been added
  • Updated - GUI - Updated Admin screens to latest standard.  Updated miscellaneous descriptors to match in multiple locations. 

March (2022.1.68.1725)

  • Fixed/Updated - PDF Viewer - Standard Projects can identify String (varchar) fields as date fields with specific formats on the the Field Properties Screen. If designated, a field will now correctly be displayed and editable using a Date Picker.
  • Fixed/Updated - Datasheets - Standard Projects can identify String (varchar) fields as date fields with specific formats on the the Field Properties Screen.  If designated, a field will now correctly be displayed and editable using a Date Picker.
  • Added - SPECWorx - Ability to download all P3D files converted (Catalog and Specs).
  • Added - SPECWorx - Added Status field to indicate when a file is processing or processed.
  • Fixed/Updated - Edit Mode - Standard Projects can identify String (varchar) fields as date fields with specific formats on the the Field Properties Screen.  If designated, a field will now correctly be displayed and editable using a Date Picker.
  • Fixed/Updated - Edit Mode - Diagrams Dates and Formats are now correctly displayed and editable using a Date Picker.
  • Fixed/Updated - Datasheets - Diagrams Dates and Formats are now correctly displayed and editable using a Date Picker.
  • Fixed/Updated - PDF Viewer - Diagrams Dates and Formats are now correctly displayed and editable using a Date Picker.
  • Fixed - Audit Query with Module Id = null was not pulling information and slowing down query.
  • Added - PDF Markup - Permissions are now logged if the user does not have Permissions to Save, Modify or Delete Annotations.
  • Added - Connections - Added ability to recognize numeric SQL data types. Mapped to Decimal,
  • Fixed - Edit Mode - Filter from Data Screen was not interpreted correctly if a space was included in the filter.  This has been resolved.
  • Added - Duplicate count Dashboard Widget now respects connection drawing filter.
  • Removed - Connections Admin - Removed 360 Setup Removed from the connections screen
  • Added - Edit Mode - Added indication for Rows, Cols and total cells selected.
  • Updated - Edit Mode - Moved Range Selection Indication to Formula Bar.
  • Updated - Edit Mode - Paste Functionality (Multicell)- NOTE: Currently preventing paste into hidden cells.
  • Update - Edit Mode - Improved handling of Save for Pending Changes in Standard Projects.
  • Update - SPECWorx - Improved processing speed of conversion by 20x
  • Update - Edit Mode - Added Apply Color for Background and Foreground Colors.
  • Update - SPECWorx - Topworx Diameter was not being converted to Metric for Metric and Mixed Metric Projects.
  • Update - Datasheets - Modified Content Type on default spreadsheet to Open XML
  • Update - SPECWorx - Modified SPECWorx to handle long Specification Names (over 2Characters).

February (2022.1.53.1833)

  • Fixed - Diagrams Window Authentication Projects are now able to connect to Socketworx.  A SQL Authentication User must be used for SOCKETWorx and a user name and password is now available on the Connection Screen.
  • Added - MOC - Added the ability to only export selected MOCs
  • Fixed - Datasheets - Static Fields on a connection can now be used in the Datasheet Naming Conventions.  Issue where Null Reference being thrown under certain situations based on previously stored data.
  • Fixed - SPECWorx - Multiport valve conversion from CADWorx to Plant3D improved.  
  • Added - SPECWorx - Bent Pipe / Mitred Elbow Conversion enabled.
  • Fixed - Dataview - Size Append was appending value even if checkbox was disabled for Diagrams Projects.
  • Fixed - CRM - Implemented AutoSize Columns
  • Added - PDF Review - Ability to assign markups to MOC in mass.
  • Added - MOC Admin - Ability to force upload to 3rd Party
  • Fixed - SPECWorx - Download companion file update due to HTML5 browser changes.

November (2021.1.308.2220)

  • Added - Datasheets - Static Fields on a connection can now be used in the Datasheet Naming Conventions.  Note: Static Fields will be copied from connection to connection as long as the Static Field Name exists in the new connection.
  • Added - Datasheets - The color that indicates a field has changed from revision to revision can now be changed by the user.  The default was RED.
  • Fixed - Datasheet Templates - Print Selection such as scaling are now being set correctly.
  • Fixed - Datasheet Templates - Templates set with proper page breaks are holding from upload through issuance of datasheets in Excel.  (PDF conversion still an issue.
  • Added - Edit Mode - When freezing a column, all columns to the left will be hidden when the column count is greater than six columns.  This will allow scrolling to the right on large spreadsheets when freezing columns out too far.  Prevents locking of the spreadsheet due to limitations of component.
  • Added - Edit Mode - Ability to Copy a cell to multiple cells at one time.
  • Added - Edit Mode - Ability to Copy a multiple cells to multiple cell ranges at one time.
  • Fixed - Edit Mode - If multiple ranges were selected the range display would display NAN instead of the correct ranges.
  • Added - Dataview - Implemented Max Height on Data View Cells.  If the cell has more that 300px High of data a scroll bar will appear in the cell.
  • Added - Edit Mode - Ability to change row height and column with across multiple rows or columns.  Ranges selected can be disjointed.  Selection of cells in the range or Columns or Rows will enable the feature in the Spreadsheet Toolbar. 
  • Fixed - Datasheets - Copy Datasheets now copies print settings.
  • Added -Tables & Fields - Date String Formats will now be copied when copying between connections.
  • Added - View Manager - Toggle Bulk Report on multiple views.
  • Added - Documents - Date Created and Date Modified 
  • Added- Report Templates - Added option to disable AutoFilter.  Previously only reports with Include Header had AutoFiliter set.  SOCKETWorx is now adding AutoFilter to the row above data start even if embedded in template.  The disable feature is now available to prevent this AutoFilter from being set.

October (2021.1.301.1719)

  • Fixed - Nullable Fields are now identifiable and if a nullable field is saved as blank, null is saved in lieu of empty string.
  • Fixed - Diagrams Schema Projects are fully supported.
  • Added - Datasheets - Dates are now being displayed in the correct format if a Date String format is selected for the field setup
  • Beta - Cloud Admin - Point Cloud Connection Assignment for Auto-GeoTagging.

October (2021.1.282.2345)

  • Fixed - Datasheets - Release new spreadsheet component - various bug fixes.
  • Added - Documents -  Official Release of  allowing periods in pdf document names.
  • Fixed - Documents -  PDF Assumed did not work in certain configurations.
  • Added - Edit Mode - Replace all functionality on edit screen. 
  • Fixed - Data Views - Updated Find and Replace on the edit screen.
  • Added - Display number of visible rows on edit screen.
  • Fixed - -Datasheets - Issue where new blank datasheet throws error on not able to set print settings.
  • Known Issue - Datasheets - Dates are being displayed in the wrong format if a format is selected for the field.

September (2021.1.261.1818)

  • Fixed - Project Manager - Where Clause with Numeric Fields were not displaying.
  • Added - Documents - Primary Document Fields can now be designation as PDF Assumed so the file name in the field does not require a file extension.
  • Added - Datasheets - Ability to Download WIP or Revisions from multiple records as Zipped Excel OR PDF files
  • Added - Data Views - Tool Tips added to Column Headers.
  • Added - Data Edit - Ability to highlight and change Text Color during Edit Session.
  • Added - Data Edit - New Help Screen for Keyboard commands
  • Added - Data Edit - Selected Range Display in A1 notation and R1C1 

September (2021.1.258.748)

  • Fixed - Documents - Issue due to lack of file extensions.
  • Added - SPECWorx Materials - Added Modified Date to Export Report.
  • New - Point Cloud Viewer - Implemented.
  • New - Project Manager - Global Edit
  • Updated - Interface - Modified buttons to improve cohesive GUI.
  • Fixed - Project Manager - Category tabs display the Titles not the Category Names
  • Fixed - Project Manager - Tooltips on Command buttons were not being shown.
  • New - Project Manager -  View Where Clauses added.
  • New - Project Manager - Events Framework added.  On New Item Event Added.

August (2021.1.237.0811)

  • New - PDF View - Place a Stamp on Multiple Drawings.
  • Fixed - Project Manager - Issue with Detail View resolved with a Relationship Field
  • New - Data Screen - Ability to add Primary Documents in a Primary Document Field using Pipe Deliminated lists.
  • New - Data Screens - Added Template Information and Latest Revision Marker to the the View Datasheet Button.

August (2021.1.233.1010)

  • Fixed - Edit Mode - Overall Drawing Filter with multiple primary documents has been fixed
  • Fixed - Edit Mode - Resolved issue with MOC Controlled Documents on Diagrams Projects.
  • Fixed - PDF Viewer - Single Apostrophe files causing issues now open correctly.
  • New - Data Screens - Documents in Views can now be opened in the PDF Viewer
  • New - Azure Connection Timeout increased to resolve issues with throttled Virtual Servers.  

August (2021.1.229.2119)

  • Fixed - SQL View issue introduced in 2021.1.226.2102 - SQL Views will now display properly.
  • Added: Datasheets - added ability to add Orientation, Margin Style, Scale Style, Center Horizontally and Vertically (in addition to paper type already implemented in 2021.1.226.2102) to the Excel File exported so the file has correct print settings. 

August (2021.1.226.2102)

  • Fixed: Datasheets - Error correction for failing formulas in the datasheet.  If a Workbook Calculate Failed then the datasheet would fail to load.  
  • Fixed: Project Manager - Formatting of fields
  • Added: Project Manager - Ability to filter on relationship fields.
  • Added: Project Manager - Export of Main and Subgrids.
  • New: Datasheets - added ability to add page size so on export the Excel File will have the selected page size.
  • New: Documents - A dash will now be picked up as no entry in the Primary Documents so missing file will not be indicated.
  • New: Views - Primary Documents can now be opened on SQL View Tables as long as an Identity Column is in the View.
  • Fixed: Project Manager - Category Views will now sort with Global Filter.
  • Added: Project Manager - Double-Clicking subgrid row will open the detail view of the Primary Row Grid.
  • Fixed: Project Manager - Sorting miscellaneous fixes.
  • Added: Project Manager - Relationship Fields now are able to be filtered.
  • Fixed : Project Manager - New Views are added to the View Menu on view creation dialog exit.
  • Fixed: Audit Log - Date tracking has been improved.
  • Fixed: Datasheets - Datasheets over 100000 bytes caused issues with viewing.
  • Fixed: SPECWorx  - Corrected issue with downloading PRJ files.
  • New: Edit Mode - Added Record Count For Information Only at the top of the window.

July (2021.1.193.713)

  • Improved Audit Log Date/Time Tracking
  • Fixed: SPECWorx CADWorx to AutoCAD Plant 3D - Improved Usershape Processing for greater than 2 End Types and multiple sizes.
  • Fixed: PDF View and Hyperlinks - Improved processing of Links.
  • New: SPECWorx - Overall Parts Catalog now includes reference to what Specification(s) the part was derived from for easier identification of the original information.
  • New: Project Manager - Calculation and Concatenation Fields added.


  • Fixed Hyperlink Issue with links that have single codes on Primary Key.


  • Updates: Project Manager Detail Views added
  • Fixed PDF Email Communications issue.
  • Fixed Route List dashboard widget. 
  • Update: SPECWorx Materials Module: Increased number of Lookups.  Added the ability to have Display Text for the Lookups. 
  • Documentum Integration: Ability to upload files directly to Documentum based on P&ID Asset Information.
  • Fixed SPECWorx Conversion of various parts where End Type variables in the Plant3D Python Code is not standard.  End Type 1 is required in lieu of End Type 2
  • New : SPECWorx Materials can now edit Lookups fields
  • New : SPECWorx Materials can not export to XLSX
  • Fixed: MOC System Large File Uploads fixed.
  • Update: Fixed Is Not Empty Filter on Diagrams Data Views.
  • New: Added the ability to download the AutoCAD Plant3D Catalogs and Specifications after conversion.
  • Fixed: Print and Export Dialogs fixed in Chrome vs Firefox.
  • Fixed: SPECWorx: Add placeholder skey for all components included converted usershapes
  • New: MTOWorx - SOCKETWorx integration with the SPECWorx Materials Module.  Part Numbers in CADWorx & AutoCAD Plant3D can be used in MTOWorx to look up General Ledger Account Information or any other desired information in SPECWorx Materials catalog.

April (2021.1.109.1208)

  • Fixed themes on all flyout panels inclusive of MOC, Datasheets Editor, Report Editor and PDF Viewer.
  • Fixed Datasheet displaying Diagrams Size Fields in Fractional Form.
  • Fixed themes on flyouts so borders and header are correct for theme.
  • New: SPECWorx CADWorx to AutoCAD Plant 3D Spec Conversion: Added Mixed Metric Type CADWorx Specification conversion
  • New: PDF Viewer: Added Merge/Combine PDF files
  • SPECWorx Materials: Add Cost Lookup
  • Update: MOC Timing based on timeline information.
  • Fixed: Update PDF code to work with Firefox anomaly.

March (2021.1.84.1109)

  • Fixed Paste not being recognized in Edit Mode.
  • Ignore edits outside column range in Edit Mode
  • New: SPECWorx Materials Module
  • New: Project Management/CRM Module - Beta Feature
  • Upgrade/Fix: PDF Viewer now running latest version of base code with all associated fixes.  This fixes the PDF rendering issue introduced into Google Chrome and the Microsoft EDGE (Chrome Based) Html 5 Web Browsers. 


  • New: Added Compress Grid to the Dashboard viewer.
  • Upgrade: Finalized CADWorx Plant Prj Files to AutoCAD Plant 3D Catalog and Specifications.
  • New: Integration with MTOWorx to support Master Part Number Look Up through the new SPECWorx Materials Module.
  • Integration with Documentum for viewing PDF and Excel Files.
  • Added Excel Viewer to the PDF Viewer screen to allow opening of Excel Files from the Document Storage Repository
  • Fixed: Spreadsheet formula bar cut off text display short of showing the entire text.
  • New: Theming complete.  

December (2021.1.26.1617)

  • Lists - Ability to add Drop-Down Lists on Datasheets and Edit Mode Spreadsheets
  • Report Views - Ability to set up Report Templates as Views with Custom Header and Where Clauses.  The Report Views show up in the View Dropdown on the Data Screens and allow for constant reporting across projects and connections.
  • Connection to Documentum Document Management System established.
  • Updated and Refined SPECWorx conversion from CWX to P3D.
  • Edit Mode: Display names are now visible in edit mode as opposed to the field names.
  • Fixed issue with viewing Excel Files saved with an overall document scaling set.  Resetting to 100%.
  • Improved Role Setting interface:  Updated to latest GUI and also added the ability to toggle specific Role and Connection Privileges.
  • Added Weight Conversion Calculations to SPECWorx Plant 3D Conversion Specification 
  • Added Column for Task List Priority to allow filtering.
  • Consolidated Charts to Kendo.  Removed other referenced to reduce footprint and overhead.
  • Consolidated Color Picker. Removed Bootstrap Color Picker to reduce footprint and overhead.
  • Feature Request: Security Enhancement: Added the ability to have ReCaptcha on non-secure screens for security.
  • Improved theming.
  • Datasheet - Updated datasheets so scaling was reset to 1 when importing.

November (2020.1.336.2300)

  • Fixed Overall Drawing Filter and Count so grid paging is correct.
  • Added Theming.
  • Updated Stamp Admin Screen to latest Standard.
  • Fixed Audit Grid Response Time.
  • Fixed Specworx Group Response Time
  • Refined Time Usage Chart on Admin Screen
  • Updated Dashboard Charts to latest standards.
  • Added ability to upload document(s).  PDF and XLSX.
  • SPECWorx processor should populate P3D Material with CWX SPEC and GRADE if GRADE is not empty
  • Fixed Task List Filtering

November (2020.1.320.1003)

  • Fixed issue with 'Where Clause' on Data Views where fields not in the view where in the 'Where Clause'
  • Updated Specworx to include the ability to generate a Parts Catalog per CWX Prj file.
  • Updated View and Dialogs to the latest GUI interface standards.
  • Updated Stamp Library in PDF Viewer.
  • Fixed filter on PDF Markups
  • Continued improvement to CWX to PLANT 3D Spec Conversion.

October (2020.1.296.1010)

  • Clean up of MOC Administration Grid.
  • Specworx
  • Modified to prevent overlap on processing BaseCatalog files.
    • Creation of Master Catalog Implemented.
    • Clearer identification of Invalid Size Issues in the Data Table so the Part can be tracked down easily..

October (2020.1.288.2037)

  • Fixed Topworx Program Code for GearActuator vs Custom.  They were swapped.
  • Fixed Logging in Moc Upload Tasks.
  • Specworx - 
    • Started Master Catalog work.
    • Fixed issue where specworx indicates missing Size Information but the item calling it is not properly documented in the Groups View.  This is now resolved.
    • Resolved issue with Usershape
    • Fixed Butterfly Valve Geometry
    • Fixed Relief/Angle Valve issue with End Type recognition.

October (2020.1.287.930)

  • Fixed Datasheet Assigned Fields not being saved on Excel Sheets if the name range existed on a previous sheet. 
  • Fixed issue with Overall Drawing Filter and Editing.  Filter was not respected in some situations and not allowing edit mode to start.
  • Datasheets with Multiple sheets were not saving fields correctly on Sheets greater than one
  • Widgets were not set up to respect overall drawing filter.  This has been implemented.
  • Identify Connection on the Dashboard Widget for clarity
  • Specworx - CADWorx to PLANT 3D Spec Conversion
    • Account for formulas in fields of the CADWorx DataTables.
    • Improve Logging functionality to ensure we are always putting in numeric values in to the variables.
    • Changed out formula decode to increase usability

October 2020 (2020.1.282.2230)

  • Added Task Module for project management tasks
  • Improved SPECWorx CADWorx to Plant 3D Conversion performance.
    • Added Flange Facing Conversion System. 
    • Stub Ends fixed.
  • Improved User Shape Conversion.
  • Fixed CSS on Export Report 

September 2020 (2020.1.265.1238)

  • Adjusted tooltips on Dashboard widgets.
  • Removed dependency on older style dialog window and datatables on front interface.
  • Fixed Delete Annotations on renamed document.
  • Fix HDS Assign Dialogs
  • Adjusted grid rendering on large column sets.  Scroll bars should now be handled correctly.  
  • Fixed permissions issue in SPECWorx and processing CADWorx PRJ files without converting to AutoCAD Plant 3D.
  • EMail Server Update: Socketworx Email is now built into the system.  SendGrid references have be deprecated and is no longer used to send emails.
  • Fixed issue where AND or OR inside a View Where Clause Contains Filter threw an error on the view. 

September 2020 (2020.1.259.930)

  • Fixed timing issue on color coding pdf document buttons.
  • SQL Views are now correctly coming into Socketworx.  Refresh Connection

September 2020 (2020.1.254.2018)

  • Fixed dialog bug preventing single list box from executing.
  • Fixed dialog bug where selection window was appearing behind dialog
  • Fixed dialog bug where ok and cancel buttons were left justified.

September 2020 (2020.1.254.2018)

  • MOC Tracking - Increased MOC tracking to include various data points in order to create a complete history of the MOC. 
  • Datasheet - Fixed issue with Datasheet display for Diagrams.  DIagrams Fields can be added at any time.  If the field was added and then subsequently added to a Concatenated Field, the datasheet would not display unless the drawing component's drawing was sync'd to the database or a value had been entered into the  if fields and specifically concatenated have new fields added to them.
  • PDF Viewer - Sticky Note now prompts for Initial Comment
  • MOC View - Hyperlinks added to get back to documents in certain areas.
  • Release new Spreadsheet Component to fix some import spreadsheet and merge cell issues.
  • Further Enhancement of CADWorx PRJ Specifications to AutoCAD Plant 3D Catalogs

August 2020 (2020.1.240.2105)

  • General - Corrected background javascript error thrown if no item is selected in single or multiple listbox selection
  • Edit Mode - Added color code to Edit Mode.
    • Primary Key Field - Yellow.
    • Non-Editable Fields - Red.
    • MOC Controlled Fields - Orange
    • Pending Save Fields - Blue.
  • Edit Mode - Fixed Edit Mode to allow Primary Key in the grid.  The field is non-editable but is allowed.
  • Edit Mode - Add number of Pending Changes in the upper right for user indication and feedback along with color coding the Fields with Pending Changes.
  • Datasheets - Fixed Merge Cells functionality so grid does not have to be saved and reloaded at times after a merge.

August 2020 (2020.1.238.2044)

  • Fixed Find Component on PDF Screen.  Links were modified during diagrams transitions causing issues with standard projects.
  • Added Specworx Functionality to produce AutoCAD Plant3D Catalogs from CADWorx Specifications (Beta)
  • Added the ability to use Upgraded Access Database for Program Code Module Discovery for CADWorx Connections.
  • Add functionality to Specworx to retrieve Design Pressure of Endtypes while processing the PRJ File.
  • Issue resolved where state of socketworx does not recognize the connection.  This resulted in having to change the connection and then change the connection back to get the state .  This has now been resolved.
  • Issue resolved when moving items up and down in selected listbox the item would become deselected.  Item now remains selected.
  • Issue Resolved with Delete Annotation from the Right-Click Menu
  • Changed out Color Pickers to Palette Style to enable fixed controlled annotation colors.
  • Annotation Text Blocks now export correctly with line breaks.
  • Added Links to the MOC Primary Document and Markup Tabs to allow directly opening the PDF Viewer.
  • Opened View Names to 100 Characters.
  • Fixed Link back to Data Table on PDF Screen
  • Fixed Color Picker on Background Color setting

August 2020 (v2020.1.231.2212)

  • Fixed Privilege issue on editing data.  
  • Modified Export Report Dialog and AutoComplete functionality to no fill in both Emails on selection.
  • Modified Datasheet Template Upload Form to allow multiselection without compromising screen layout.
  • Specworx Admin screen modification for categories and file viewing.
  • Added Static Logger for independent threads.
  • Fixed MOC Audit Grid timeout issue on count.
  • Added the ability to download MOC Audits.
  • Added the beginning of CADWirx to Plant3d Spec conversion.
  • Added logging for Specworx thread processing.
  • Add error checking to colors from PDF Screen discovered issues of RBG and HEX conversions
  • Added and Updated References requiring web.config to be replaced.
  • Updated User Setting to standard dialog/Ok
  • Updated PDF Screen so selected object scrolls comment card into the view
  • Updated Specworx upload dialog so it no longer asks for category.  It uses the currently selected category.
  • Updated the Add/Edit MOC dialog to use the standard dialog implemented in the last major release.
  • Modified PDF Dialog to use the standard dialog implemented in the last major release.

July 2020 (v2020.1.203.1107)

User Interface

  • Diagrams Compatibility - Diagrams is now closely coupled with SocketWorx.  All features including, View, Edit, Datasheets, Reporting, as well as PDF Viewing with the ECE Blinker are fully integrated.  Finding components on your Drawings has never been 

  • Primary PDF Documents are indicated as available on the PDF Button Outline.  Secondary Documents are now tracked by Socketworx and can be added to each and every component as needed.  Secondary Documents are indicated by the Doc Button Blue outline for single documents and the yellow outline for multiple documents.  Clicking on either button will bring up the PDF Viewer showing the associated information.
  • Users will see an enhanced user dropdown
  • The independent dashboards have been consolidate to one page.  Drag & Drop. Show & Hide Widgets.  Expand & Contract as needed.
  • Connections and Tables are accessed in the Header Navigation

  • Help Desk access and the users manual links have been relocated from the Dashboard to the Lower Right Hand corner where they are visible constantly.
  • Setup Page Filters have been added to most setup pages containing data grids.  The Status column displays the record settings.  These settings can be used to filter for by record Status by clicking on these buttons.

March 2020 (v2020.1.71.1529)


  • Specworx - Overhauled the Graphical User Interface.
    • Corrected Reduction Schedule not coming through on Parts Screen.
    • Corrected Main Thickness not coming through on Parts Screen.
    • Corrected Bolt Size Material Table Lookup.
    • Groups display Size Ranges inclusive of Main and Reduction Sizes and rolled up
  • Reporting - Added Copy Report To Another Connection
  • Users - Added Export Report for the User Table
  • Roles - Added Export Report for the Roles Table
  • Reporting & Datasheets - 
    • Improved performance of the Template Editors.
    • Corrected Issues if duplicate fields are found on the same Datasheet Template.
    • Reporting and Datasheet Templates will now self heal if Field Names match but Field Ids are different when Importing Templates.
    • Fixed Issue where leading 0's were cut off if saved with data but required by user.
    • Added Additional Toolbar functions to the Editor - Indent, Font Style,
    • Delete Row was not functioning.
    • Field Colors and Static Colors in the templates were incorrect.  This has been resolved.
    • Fixed Import Datasheets and Reports
  • Moc Module - 
    • Fixed Change Order time tracking
    • Typo fixed in upload popup window.
    • Limit items displayed based on User Role Connection settings
    • Added Add/Remove Drawings to Mocs in OPEN and WIP state
    • Added Table Name to MOC Audit Data

  • Connection Wide Banner fixed.


February 2020



  • Updated SPECWorx to include additional fields.
  • Table and Views are now shown in the Report Listing Grid.
  • Fixed Datasheet Mode Saving when single quote embedded in text
  • Fixed an issue where exporting a datasheet from the datasheet viewer may include leading apostrophes in the excel file.


  • An info button was added to Report and Datasheet Templates to show the current template information
  • Report Template have been transitioned over to the new interface to match Datasheets.
  • A new format toolbar has been created for both Datasheets and Report Templates to match interface guidelines.
    • Includes usability changes to the border selection functionality.  f the Border Selection.  It works as follows:
    • Click the Border Style Drop-Down to select the Border Style and Apply to the selected cells.
    • To Change Border Color and/or Line Style, select the desired options using the respective menus.  
    • To Apply Border Color and/or Line Style Option, Click the Border Style drop-down. 
  • Copy Report Templates to other connections.

January 2020 (v2020.1.26.1854 Release)

Breaking News: 

  • Socketworx Licensing Needs to be updated to accommodate 3rd Party Components.


  • Updates to Email Server to allow for an External Email Server hosted by ECE Design with a Fixed IP Address to allow for Firewall Rules.
  • Initial Release of Diagrams Integration.
  • Fixed Copy Datasheet to another connection.


December 2019 (v2019.2.342.2307)


  • Datasheets are being processed using a Grid Component
    • Added the use of Images
    • Modified Flyouts to improved user interaction.
    • Improved datasheet functionality to load large datasheets.
  • Time Tracking and Usage
  • PDF Markup Overhaul including new PDF New Chat Flyout on all PDF Markups.
  • PDF Viewer - Added Markup Module to allow export of PDF Markups.
  • Integration of Management Of Change (MOC) module and PDF Markup Review
  • SQL Views - Privileges can now be assigned to SQL Server Views
  • SQL Views - Report Templates can now be assigned to SQL Server Views.
  • Audit Naming Convention Field established to allow display of Data Changes on the MOC screen intuitively.
  • Primary Documents - Added the ability to have MULTIPLE primary documents associated with a record.  This improves legacy MATCHED functionality to allow users to choose from any Primary Document when entering the PDF screen from the Table Screens.
    • NOTE: This must be set up after install or updating to the newest  version on the Table Setup Screen.


  • Tables - 
    • Improved loading times when there are large field counts in the View.  (Note: May need to use the new Column AutoSize feature to align columns.)
    • Table screens can now be used in multiple Browser Tabs.
    • Improved interface.
  • MOC Module
    • New Flyout for display of Information, Timing and Chat Window
    • Ability to add drawings to a WIP MOC when the drawing is not locked by another MOC.
    • Ability to see data changes and PDF Markups associated with an MOC.
    • Overall Status Filters implemented
    • Added MOC Overview Chart for a dashboard view of where things stand.
  • PDF Viewer updated to newest interface design (may require user to Clear Browser Cache).
    • Toolbar reworked for better customer experience
    • Tool selection and use more intuitive.
    • Fixed Text Box usage
    • Improved search so users can easily identify the found values.
    • Added New Comment Flyout and new Commenting features.
    • Reduced time to switch in and out of Datalink Mode.
    • Added Highlight Blinker on 'incoming PDF Requests' from the Data screen to easily identify where the component being called for is located.
  • PDF Markup Review - Added the ability to track Markups with MOCs.
  • Updated all 3rd Party Components to latest version.
  • Improved Overall GUI interface and browser compatibility
  • Added the ability to use a non-ssl Email Server
  • Updated View Screen (GUI, Resize and move)
  • Changed out spinners
  • Specworx -

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Privilege naming issues
  • Fixed Role Page
  • Fixed TryAdvance on Moc page so Title is set on return dialog.
  • Multiple instances where filtering and sorting has been improved/fixed
  • MTO and Distinct Views improved to counteract confusion between null and empty strings stored in the database.
  • Fixed record count display if filters applied.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.

November 2019

User Online Time

  • If your Role permits Users Setup, then you can now see how much time they have been logged.  The Online Time option has been added to the Settings Overview landing page.
    This data can be viewed over by month, quarter, and year.  Users can be added one by one,  or you can simply look at them all.

  • User interface updates
    Most of the functions remain the same, but the icons and buttons have been updated.  
    For Example, notice the different colors used to provide indication on the Primary Document PDF button.  When red, there is only one and when yellow there are multiple.

  • Multiple Primary Documents can be added to each Table
    User can designate multiple fields as Primary Documents. These documents can be selected when launching the PDF View from a Record Control, and they are listed under the MOC Module Primary Document selection.

  • Report Email can contain a custom message
    Now users can enter email body contents to help with communicating why their colleague are receiving an Excel file, or Report, from SOCKETWorx .

May 2019


  • Field Names
    Database field names that include "#", "-", and/or start with a number are now supported by Socketworx.  Sometimes field names are used to match Titleblock Attributes in Drawings and sometimes we are not able to modify the attributes.  In the past, Socketworx had issues with "#" and "-" or fields that started with numbers because these are restricted cases in the browser.  Socketworx has now been updated to

  • Adding/Deleting Records
    Users now can add records to tables containing an Identity Field set to be the Primary Key. When SOCKETWorx finds this Table condition it automatically adds the Add/Delete function to the Controls Header. Adding/Deleting records is a Role privilege, so make sure it is activated for those Roles permitted to do so.

  • Download Multiple Primary Documents (*.PDF Format)
    Users can now select multiple records and mass export the Primary Document PDF files. The download as a compressed zip file to the users workstation.
    Downloading Primary PDF documents is a Role privilege, so make sure it is activated for those Roles permitted to do so.

  • Download Multiple Datasheets (*.xlsx Format)
    Users can now select multiple records and mass export their Datasheets in Excel file format. The download is received as a compressed zip file to the users workstation.
    The download function is found under the Datasheet button in the View Control Header

    At the time of download Users can choose to export the Work In Progress or Last Revision.
    Downloading Datasheets is a Role privilege, so make sure it is activated for those Roles permitted to do so.

May 2019

  • 3 New Tabs
    1) Mark up Status displays the number of markups per category
    2) MOC Status displays the number of Document Revision Orders per their progress
    3) SPECWorx manual
  • Added Ability to have Record Counts Displayed for Views.

February 2019

  • MATCHED: Are you running a CADWorx® P&ID Pro project and using the MATCHID command. If so then your Primary Document, DWG_NAME_ will display (MATCHED).
    SOCKETWorx is now processing this by offering a selection of Primary Documents to open when launching the PDF Viewer

Connection Banners

Users can add a Banner which display every time users select a Connection

MOC Active

Users can set Connections as MOC active.

SOCKETWorx MOC is an optional module which enables users to systematically capture and then process changes associated database tables and associated documents. Setting Connections MOC Active sets the to start capturing database changes automatically for all its Tables which have been set to MOC Active. Take control of data changes and let SOCKETWorx report which Associated drawings are effective

Add Leica TruView Enterprise Connections

Connect Users to Scanworlds, GeoTags, 3D Models, and more

SOCKETWorx 360 is an optional module which enables users to link to Leica TruView Enterprise content. Once connected to a particular TruView site, users are able to import all published scanworld and begin associating them to one more more database records. Once a record is associated with a scanworld users can browse to it with one using SOCKETWorx 360 record controls.