September 2021

Enhancements (V2021.245)

Add COG points for CADWorx components

You will now see fields for COG X, COG Y, and COG Z in the list of selectable fields.

Minor Fixes and Updates

Fixed Main/Reduction Size format setting.

April 2021

Enhancements (V2021.91)


We have added 6 options to quickly select different template setups for exporting your results.

Measurement Changes

We have added a metric option to the results view. To clean up the results we are now rounding all length quantities to the nearest whole number. Since we are now rounding up to a whole number, there was no need for Architectural units and it has been removed.




Compare Options

You can still compare to a settings file, but now you can use the compare form to export your current grid out to a template sheet, by bypassing the compare function.

Quick Settings

To access just the MTOWorx settings you can utilize the new Quick Settings button found in the upper right of the MTOWorx palettes.

March 2021

Enhancements (V2021.75)

Add Bolt Set Accumulation

We have added a Bolts In Sets setting for CADWorx Plant models to match the AutoCAD Plant3D functionality. With this new setting, bolt quantities are accumulated by each bolt or each bolt set.

Accumulation by Bolt

Accumulation by Bolt Sets

Export Compare Results to a Template

We have added the ability to export the Compare Results to a Template.

Below are the settings for the new Export Results to a Template.

April 2020

Fix the table views in the Component Data Tab for Equipment, Insulation, and Steel data

Fix error when clearing out numeric values in the Component Data Tab

Fix Line Numbering filters when reporting on certain items.

Enhanced code for faster item collections

October 2019

More Compare Options for Cut Pipe

The latest release of MTOWorx has some new features/functions to help users manage pipe cut lengths.

Now Users can compare Cut Pipe takeoffs against current models and determine if Pipe Cuts have been added, deleted, or if lengths have changed.

We are sure this could help you someday!

September 2019

Compatibility with more applications 

Now AutoCAD PLANT 3D (AP3D) compatible.  

Users can maintain the exact same material take off methods when executing projects with AP3D or CADWorx.  Almost all the Worx Plugins are compatible with AP3D.

Now BricsCAD V19 compatible

Since CADWorx will run on BricsCAD, we strive to keep the Worx Plugins compatible with it.