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Enhancements (V202X.XXX.XXXX)

Added a function to automatically generate a Total Snapshot when running a Load Sheet Export.

Added an option to export all Load Sheet data, with and without part numbers.

Added an option to disable the Cut Sheet Snapshot generation.

Added an option to disable the color in report exports.
Added Specworx Material QC based on Long Description and Size.

Fixes and Usability

  • Fixed zero-length pipe when the System Decimal Symbol is set to a comma instead of a decimal point.
  • Fixed Plant3D Status filters when selecting components.
  • Fixed Updating Custom Fields in the Properties tab.
  • Removed BricsCAD functionality. 
  • Fixed folder selection form.
  • Fixed Size column when running a SOCKETWorx QC on Architectural sizes.
  • Fixed the sort order of the Load Sheet grid and exports.

July 2023

Enhancements (V2023.195.500)


  • Quantity Field formatting enhancement on the SOCKETWorx Load Sheets and Snapshot Reporting modules.  The user is now able to choose the Quantity Format and whether rounding should be standard or always Round Up.

Fixes and Usability

  • Fixed bolt accumulation with certain settings.
  • Fixed flanged pipe accumulation.
  • Added setting to include UOM with Length value.
  • Fixed custom field data not showing in Plant 3D.
  • Fixed Steel filters not being saved. 
  • Fixed Pipe and Steel headers displaying in the settings. 
  • Updated the SOCKETWorx Loadsheet Auto-Number column to start @ 1 not 0.
  • Fixed issue selecting Generic Attach block inserts. 
  • Fixed issue with UNC project pathing.
  • Fixed error-catching for duplicate columns.
  • Added open directory button for template directory.
  • Fixed Bolt Compare results with some settings.
  • Fix for wrong units showing for Inch selection.

November 2022

Enhancements (V2022.318.1000)


  • The Model BOM tab controls and data grids have been placed under 5 collapsable sections. Use the section header chevrons to control visibility.

  • The Snapshop Reporting and Control section has been updated. A new SOCKETWorx button was added alongside the Snapshot button and two compare processor buttons.
    Easily create bulk material take-off workbooks against current models or differences between them and snapshots using the compare processors.

  • The new SOCKETWorx button connects CWX and P3D take-offs with its Parts Catalog.  The SOCKETWorx Parts Catalog is derived from CWX and P3D piping specs.   MTOWorx will compare parts in the 3D model against these catalog parts.  It inspects for missing part numbers and discrepancies between sizes and long descriptions.  This report is obtained by clicking the QC button.
    In this example report, CABLE TRAY and 'MY BALL VALVE....' parts were not found in the SOCKETWorx Parts Catalog.

  • Save MTOWorx Snapshot to a local disk, or SOCKETWorx.
    CUT and TOTAL snapshots export together and their default filenames can be overwritten.
    Project Work Orders, and Material Snapshot stage for advanced material processing in SOCKETWorx.

  • AutoCAD Plant 3D steel is being accumulated within the Steel SINGLE and CUT tables.  

  • Add CWExploded Usershapes to the MTOWorx collection routine, so they will accumulate in BOMs.   This overcomes the CWX Plant limitation and helps with the ELECTROWorx workaround when trimming cable tray becomes necessary.

  • Set Groups and Expressions using the new COLUMN header filter controls.
    Consider this simple use case where a list of pipes and nipples is needed by LineTag+ Spool.
    In this use case, PIPE and NIPPLES are returned because Long Description Start with these values as set by the piping specs. But, so do Pipe Shoes, so a new group was added to remove those rows containing SHOE. Don't forget to save your changes, so they persist the next time views are visited.

    Pro Tip:
  • Above the table is a new Search Box.  User this feature to find and highlight values.  The up/down controls will find the next row and more options to the right allow for setting things like case matching and what columns to include in search criteria.

  • Coming soon, but available upon request are WorxProjects.  
    ECE has assembled CWX and P3D Pipe, Steel, Equipment, and Electrical models that dovetail with preconfigured WorxSettings and a collection of DIAGRAMS, MTO, ISO, & OTHRO templates.
    Start out by exploring MTOWorx Quick Reports. Custom
    Templates located under c:\ProgramData\ECE Design\WorxProjects\MTOWorx are aligned with numerous MTOWorx SINGLE, CUT, and TOTAL tables set to be common project reports.

  • Grid filter and sort setting transfer to Quick Reports

Fixes and Usability

  • Updated the Piping/Steel/SINGLE/CUT/TOTAL and all other buttons to the new theme.
  • Fixed Nozzle so that it exports the latest CADWorx Equipment format.

August 2022

Enhancements (V2022.213.1430)

Fixes and Usability

  • Moved the SOCKETWorx login information to the General Settings
  • Fixed missing Steel settings in CADWorx Structure.

April 2022 (V2022.119.1400)

  • New - Added the ability to place the Pipe Quantities in the Length column with a Quantity of 1.

March 2022

Enhancements (V2022.54.100)

Include AutoCAD PLANT 3D Custom Properties as Selected Fields

MTOWorx Use Cases for AutoCAD PLANT 3D

Added Piping Platform Setting

In the Worx General Settings, users can choose to default to CADWorx collections while inside of Plant3D.

Fixes and Usability

  • Changed the Results Grid key colors for Add and Removed.

September 2021

Enhancements (V2021.245)
Added COG points for CADWorx components

Users can include Center Of Gravity within grid setups.

Fixes and Usability

  • Fixed Main/Reduction Size format setting.

April 2021

Enhancements (V2021.91)

Measurement Changes

We have added a metric option to the results view. To clean up the results we are now rounding all length quantities to the nearest whole number. Since we are now rounding up to a whole number, there was no need for Architectural units and it has been removed.




Straight to Results

One Button Click to Worx Settings

Fixes and Usability

  • Users can add up to six Loadsheet templates.

March 2021

Enhancements (V2021.75)

Now Integrating with SAP, Smart GEP, and any MRP/ERP Business System

One button click to export Loadsheets from CADWorx Plant or AutoCAD Plant 3D models

Loadsheets requirement - easily customized excel worksheets.

Add Bolt Set Accumulation

You can now control bolt quantities by EACH bolt or EACH bolt set!  This setting now will allow CADWorx Plant models to match that of the AutoCAD Plant 3D functionality.

Accumulation by Bolt

Accumulation by Bolt Sets

April 2020

Fix the table views in the Component Data Tab for Equipment, Insulation, and Steel data

Fix error when clearing out numeric values in the Component Data Tab

Fix Line Numbering filters when reporting on certain items.

Enhanced code for faster item collections

October 2019

More Compare Options for Cut Pipe

The latest release of MTOWorx has some new features/functions to help users manage pipe cut lengths.

Now Users can compare Cut Pipe takeoffs against current models and determine if Pipe Cuts have been added, deleted, or if lengths have changed.

We are sure this could help you someday!

September 2019

Compatibility with more applications 

Now AutoCAD PLANT 3D (AP3D) compatible.  

Users can maintain the exact same material take-off methods when executing projects with AP3D or CADWorx.  Almost all the Worx Plugins are compatible with AP3D.

Now BricsCAD V19 compatible

Since CADWorx will run on BricsCAD, we strive to keep the Worx Plugins compatible with it.