February 2021

Enhancements (V2021.56.1)

Hotfix to locate Isogen Styles for CADWorx Plant 2020R1

October 2020

Enhancements (V2020.2.72)

BOM/Weld Tables

  • Added functionality to allow updating BOM/WELD Tables through the ISOWorx palette

Staging Folders

  • Additional staging folders were added. This allows for other stages in your workflow.

Filter Grids

  • Added functionality for filtering folder grids

Sample Files

  • ISOWorx install will now include ISO styles, Sample Piping Model, Working ISOWorx Line List, and PDF ISO Examples to the customer get started using ISOWorx.

May 2019

  • Added functionality to allow periods in line numbers. This change aligns with the most recent updates to ISOGEN.
  • Moved Spool Rename functionality to WorxSettings.xml in the settings dialog
  • Added Update & Rename Continuations functionality for Plant 3D
  • Added Rename Spools functionality for Plant 3D
  • Added error checking for invalid cells in user line lists.
  • Added new registry settings for ISOGEN
  • Updated tooltips with more accurate information

January 2019

  • Added a feature in the Batching Tab Palette that allows you to process the model to rename all matching components to a new line number.
  • Added PCF and Attribute controls to the General Settings that will allow for the creation of additional files in your Completed Folders for each successfully ran ISO. 
  • Changed drawing lists to be sorted.
  • Fixed Tooltips for newly added Plotting buttons.

December 2018

  • Added CSV output for title block information. 

October 2018

  • Added option to choose Model Space or Paper Space in settings for PDF’s created using the Batch Create PDF’s tool.
  • Added output folder option in settings for PDF’s created using the Batch Create PDF’s tool.
  • Added option to create PDF for selected drawings only.
  • Added ability for Spool Rename to replace text found in Blocks and MTEXT