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Enhancements (V202X.XXX.XXXX)

Fixes and Usability

  • Added CADWorx 23 compatibility.
  • Removed BricsCAD functionality. 
  • Fixed folder selection form.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the opening of multiple drawings.

ISOWorx – Added CWx 23 compatibility

July 2023

Enhancements (V2023.195.500)

Manage line-list in the cloud with SOCKETWorx as a Service (SaaS)

  • Populate line list tables through SOCKETWorx and connect to Iso and process Isometric drawings in ISOWorx to update border/title-block information.

Fixes and Usability

  • Fixed issue with setting the Archive folder on startup.
  • Fixed palette incorrectly disabling.
  • Fixed issue when handling 1 1/2" Bom and Weld files.
  • Added the ability to read ISOGEN output directories with PCF Attributes in the name.

November 2022

Enhancements (V2022.318.1000)

Fixes and Usability

  • Fixed the refresh button when setting user values from the IGO command.

September 2022

Enhancements (V2022.266.)

  • FIX - Block Reference processing will no longer occur if the active palette tab is not ATTEWorx. 

August 2022

Enhancements (V2022.213.1430)

Fixes and Usability

  • Fix plotting issue from within BricsCAD
  • Moved the SOCKETWorx login information to the General Settings
  • Added back the ISO_DWG_FILENAME feature.

April 2022

Add 2 Videos to the Training Showcase 

The Create Tab is where ISO CREATE is used to batch Isometrics from CADWorx Models The Stage-Gate Tab is where drawing BOMs & WELD tables are modified and borders are updated from an Excel Line List


March 2022

Enhancements (V2022.54.100)

Generate Isometrics in Plant3D

Added the ability to generate Production isometrics from Plant 3D.  Use ISO CREATE to launch production Isos.  Afterward move them into and through Stage Gates where BOM and WELD tables can be updated, border attributes can be replaced, and drawings can be renamed to satisfy project lifecycle requirements.

SOCKETWorx Line Lists

Added the ability to grab line list data directly from your project data from inside of SOCKETWorx.  
Data now be extracted from SQL databases originating from in-house development or CAD platforms like DIAGRAMS

XML Line Lists

Added the ability to read line list data directly from an Aveva XML line list.

Manually Select ISOGEN Directory

Added the ability to manually path to your ISOGEN directory.

BOM and Weld Tables Updates

Removed the BOM/Weld Lists tab and moved those functions to the Stage Gates tab.

The AutoCAD tables and companion Excel workbooks are updated when the ISOWorx Interface is used to modify everything.

PDF Enhancements

Added the ability to create PDFs of isometrics at any stage.

Added the ability to create multi-sheet PDFs of isometrics from the same line number.

<<Video Upcoming>>

Fixes and Usability

  • Hotfix to locate Isogen Styles for CADWorx Plant 2020R2
  • Changed the delete all button to only delete drawings and their related files.
  • Added the ability to select which isos will be post-processed instead of sending them all.
  • Added the ability to move all isos from one stage to another.

February 2021

Enhancements (V2021.56.1)

Hotfix to locate Isogen Styles for CADWorx Plant 2020R1

October 2020

Enhancements (V2020.2.72)

BOM/Weld Tables

  • Added functionality to allow updating BOM/WELD Tables through the ISOWorx palette

Staging Folders

  • Additional staging folders were added. This allows for other stages in your workflow.

Filter Grids

  • Added functionality for filtering folder grids

Sample Files

  • ISOWorx install will now include ISO styles, Sample Piping Model, Working ISOWorx Line List, and PDF ISO Examples to the customer get started using ISOWorx.

May 2019

  • Added functionality to allow periods in line numbers. This change aligns with the most recent updates to ISOGEN.
  • Moved Spool Rename functionality to WorxSettings.xml in the settings dialog
  • Added Update & Rename Continuations functionality for Plant 3D
  • Added Rename Spools functionality for Plant 3D
  • Added error checking for invalid cells in user line lists.
  • Added new registry settings for ISOGEN
  • Updated tooltips with more accurate information

January 2019

  • Added a feature in the Batching Tab Palette that allows you to process the model to rename all matching components to a new line number.
  • Added PCF and Attribute controls to the General Settings that will allow for the creation of additional files in your Completed Folders for each successfully ran ISO. 
  • Changed drawing lists to be sorted.
  • Fixed Tooltips for newly added Plotting buttons.

December 2018

  • Added CSV output for title block information. 

October 2018

  • Added option to choose Model Space or Paper Space in settings for PDF’s created using the Batch Create PDF’s tool.
  • Added output folder option in settings for PDF’s created using the Batch Create PDF’s tool.
  • Added option to create PDF for selected drawings only.
  • Added ability for Spool Rename to replace text found in Blocks and MTEXT