March 2020

Specworx -Just got a new look!!!

  • SPECWorx Dashboard



  1. Process Prj file: The icon has been updated.
  2. Upload and download companion files: Any associated files with the (CADWorx Project) Prj like user-shapes or catalog files can be uploaded and downloaded here. The files need to be compressed as a zip for uploading.
  3. Download Prj: Download the most recent Prj.
  4. Download Excel Report: Download the SPECWorx processed excel report for all specifications in the prj.


  • CADWorx Project(Prj) Details 


  1. Specifications: List all the specifications in recent processed prj.
  2. Project Revisions: List of all the previous revisions of the prjs available for download.
  3. Download Excel Report: Download the excel report for SPECWorx processed individual specification.


  • Specification Groups


    New Filters have been added to Groups and parts:

  1. All: All components in the specification are listed here
  2. Comment: List components with notes/comments attached to them through SPECWorx
  3. Optional: List optional component in the specification. 
  4. Errors: List components with errors, identified by SPECWorx.

  • Notify Users

  1.     Now, notify user about an update on the Prj from SPECWorx with emails.

Updated the processing of Prjs to resolve the following

  • Corrected Reduction Schedule not coming through on Parts Screen.
  • Corrected Main Thickness not coming through on Parts Screen.
  • Corrected Bolt material assignments using material assignment table.
  • Groups display Size Ranges inclusive of Main and Reduction Sizes and rolled up

October 2019

Specworx just got even better.

ECE has added branch tables to Specworx parts. With this new feature, user can now look at the branch table associated with each specification. 

March 2019

Specworx just keeps getting better.

User can now create custom views in the SPECWorx parts by utilizing all the available fields in the Project. It can also be exported as Microsoft excel sheets.

February 2019

Wow, ECE made some really awesome progress on SPECWorx.  
User are now able to make their specifications available for download along with a companion file. In this way, all the piping specification content required can be delivered to consumers inclusive of Usershapes, TopWorx, pipe support, instructions, etc.

December 2018

  • STUD BOLTS: Updated the component Group Processor so it now yields a list of Stub Bolts grouped by the associated data tables.  In this way fasteners for different pressure classes are not commingled.
  • OLETS: Updated the component Group Processor so it now yields a list of Olets where the Size includes the branch and run size. In this way, users can better see if the olets in a spec meet the permissible requirements:
    CADQuirk Alert: You'll want to control permissible olets in the data tables, otherwise you might get branch connection which are not permissible

November 2018 (Yeah! it's working)

  • NEW MODULE: SPECWorx added to SOCKETWorx as a new module.
    This new module processes CADWorx Project (PRJ) and produces a listing of component groups and of all components per piping specification.
  • This utility is used for reviewing piping specifications and making comments in a collaborative manner.