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Enhancements (V202X.XXX.XXXX)

Fixes and Usability

  • Removed BricsCAD functionality.
  • Fixed issue with zero length pipe being calculated.
  • Fixed Inch mark matching error with certain fonts.
  • Fixed folder selection form.
  • Fixed StatusBarAutoWrap issues in AutoCAD 2024.

July 2023

Enhancements (V2023.195.500)

Equipment and Instrumentation location plans automated with BUBBLEWorx

Start bubbling in Single, Semi-Automatic, or Automatic mode to insert bubbles on orthographic drawings

Preset bubble style, offset, and direction to optimize bubble placement.

Global Material List (GML) Bubble Reassociation

Things change! A new option was added to repeat bubble association when they become disconnected. Simply choose the Multiple options at the command line, and the command will repeat, allowing you to select bubbles and components faster.

Weld Prefixes

BUBBLEWorx has been enhanced to prefix Shop, Field, and Field Fit welds with alphanumeric characters when bubbling.
These settings are found under the Mark Prefix Options under Worx Settings.

Positive Material Identification (PMI) Bubbling

Set Global Material List (GML) and apply unique count value for every item. BUBBLEWorx will add pipe material plus count to insert unique identifiers. Solutions Article – Marking parts for PMI

 You can now add a count suffix to each component bubble. ust manually add two Plant 3d Piping and Equipment custom properties: BUBBLEWorx_Count, type = Number, BUBBLEWorx_Id, type = String.

Fixes and Usability

Updates to collection routines

  • Added tubing accumulation for Plant 3D
  • Added Component Grouping in tables.
  • Added IsoStartPoints and IsoStopPoints.
  • Added CWX generic attach blocks and P3D custom shapes.
  • Added Shop, Field, and Field Fit weld prefix fields for P3D bubble marks.
  • Added Tap welds.

  • Fixed the loading of some existing GML files.

  • Fixed bubbling Plant 3D Ortho drawings.

  • Fixed Bubbling some components in Plant 3D Orthos.

  • Fixed Include Count setting being backward to the last save.

Update to BOM, TAG, WELD, and GML tables

  • Added group header justification options.

  • Fixed Header titles and widths for some properties.

  • Added global material list counter for positive material identification (PMI).

  • Added CUT length option for the global material list.

  • Updated column widths so zero value could not be saved.

  • Updated table repeat top row header to YES.

Update to IsoStyle controls 

  • Added global material list bubbling routine for Autocad Plant 3D

November 2022

Enhancements (V2022.318.1000)

MLeader Style properties

You can set the Arrowhead Symbol of the mleader style, and the BUBBLEWorx bubble will now show the symbol. 

Note that you can turn off the symbol by setting it to None in the mleader style.

Bubble CWExploded Usershapes

You can now get your CWExploded usershapes to show up in the Bill of Materials, overcoming a current CWX Plant limitation. This helps with our trimmed ELECTROWorx cable tray.

Weight Accumulation

The weight of similar items is now accumulated for a total weight per line item in the MML BOM.

Fixes and Usability

  • MML bubble orientation for Plant 3D was only working for upper right angles.
  • Fixed crash when adding bubbles for Plant3D Equipment components.
  • Fixed zero width for header columns. This would cause issues when inserting the BOM Table.
  • Added the ability to create a previously stored layer.
  • Fixed BricsCAD compatibility issues.

  • Fixed sorting MML Mark numbers with Alpha prefixes.

September 2022

Enhancements (V2022.266.1100)

More Fields

Added Manufacturer, Material, and Material Code to the table for Plant3D models

Command Line Commands

Added command line commands to the palette buttons. Users can now type the command and hit enter to repeat the previous BUBBLEWorx command.

March 2022

Enhancements (V2022.54.100)

Tubing Accumulation.

Added better accumulations for tubing in the BOMs.

<<Video Upcoming>>

MLeader Cleanup.

Added MLEADERALIGN and MLEADERCOMBINE functionality while in BricsCAD.

<<Image Upcoming>>

Fixes and Usability

  • Added an option to choose which direction bubbles are placed in Auto-Mode.
  • Added filtering for different welds in the Weld Tab.
  • Fixed graphics issue with MML not properly refreshing.
  • Fixed SQLite connections for networked projects.
  • Added better accumulations for flanged piping in the BOMs.
  • Fix MML syncing on orphaned bubbles.
  • BricsCAD compatibility.

September 2021

Enhancements (V2021.245)

Custom Plant3D Fields in BOMs

Add Custom P3D Properties to BUBBLEWorx BOMs.
The Display Names are used as column headers.
Here is how WorkOrder is added and then used in BUBBLWorx Tables.

Split Pipe and Fitting Tables

Added the ability to isolate pipe into separate BOM tables.  There is a new toggle to split Pipe/Fittings BOMs.
Also, mark start numbers have been added for both so there is numeric separation too.

Fractional Inches, more BOM flexibility

Switch to Fractional Inches.  The result will be a quantity totaled up in inches where any decimal remainder is presented as fractions.  

Automatic Bubble Stacking

Added a toggle for AutoCAD PLANT 3D models so BUBBLEWorx will automatically stack Connector parts.

Fixes and Usability 

  • Syncing the MML Tags will now update the associated MML tables.
  • When using the unit Whole Feet, we round up to the next whole foot.
  • When similar items have the same data except for one column, we now correctly separate that item. For example, when users add Tags to an item and the Tag column is visible, the separate tags will be shown on separate lines.
  • There is better parity between MML and BOM-generated material lists.
  • Clearer notifications when used settings layers are missing in the current drawing.
  • Fix single selection error due to AutoCAD Status Bar flickering.
  • Faster Plant3D Ortho drawing processing.
  • Data columns will now be justified using the settings found in Worx Settings.
  • The Header and Title Rows will use the header justification setting found in Worx Settings.
  • Added a Start Number to Weld Tab Interface.

April 2021

Enhancements (V2021.91)

Quicker access to the bubble location settings

We added the bubble location settings to the BOM and Weld palettes.

Added more property filtering options

We added more property filters to the BOM and Weld palettes. 

Users can now filter on:

  • Work Order
  • Item Types
  • Line Numbers
  • Spool Numbers
  • Size
  • Service
  • Spec
  • Some custom data fields

February 2021

Enhancements (V2021.56)

Updated BOM Tab

<<Video Upcoming>>

We have added at Start Number field so you can control the start number of your BOMs.

The BOM Tab can also filter the selection to CustomData like Work Orders and give you separate tables for each Work Order.

Added Weld Tab

<<Video Upcoming>>

We have added a Weld Tab so you can quickly bubble all of your welds in a model.

The Weld Tab can also filter the selection to CustomData like Work Orders and give you separate tables for each Work Order.

Added SOCKETWorx linking to the bubbles.

You can now link your items directly to SOCKETWorx! When you bubble with BUBBLEWox your bubbles can add a hyperlink to them. This allows you to go directly to the data from a PaperSpace drawing or even a printed PDF. SOCKETWorx gives you access to a comprehensive reporting and querying system at your fingertips.

Added more Tag blocks

We have included a Northing, Easting, and Elevation version of all the Tag blocks.

Enhancements (V2021.32)

Metric functionality added

See our complete listing of metric settings in this solution:

July 2020

Enhancements (V2020.1.44)

MML Steel Table Styles

  • Added functionality to choose between a Total and Cut Steel BOM

Plant 3D Compatibility

  • Added functionality to process Plant 3D models
  • BOM Bubbling can process Equipment and Steel items

  • Tag Bubbling can process Equipment & Nozzles Tags and Steel Column Ids

April 2020

  1. Marks DWG can now be placed on the network for a group to use
  2. Worx Plugins are now available through the Autodesk App Store

January 2019

Out of the Box MLeader Blocks enhancement

Did you know users can append Tags.dwg file to add custom blocks?
Here is the latest out of the box offering where we've added Ovals, the last column

December 2018

Scale Factor can be applied to Bubble Block