Isogen has the ability to draw revision clouds on components that have been marked as a revision. To do this you will need to add a custom field to your Project file, modify your I-Configure settings, and add some data in your model. Let's start by adding the custom field in our Project file called ISO_REVISION.

Next, let's map that field in I-Configure to the PCF Attribute: REVISION. If you are unfamiliar with mapping these, please follow the steps found in this solution:Use Custom Data Fields in Isogen



We now need to enable the Revision Clouds in I-Configure. Select the Revision Clouds link found in the Drawing Area tile.


In this section you will need to Enable the tool and then match the settings to your company's standards.



In your model you will need to modify your components revision status. You can do this by running GCEDIT on existing components to change their Custom Data. You can also modify the default Custom Data and any new components drawn will have the latest revision number.



Finally you will need to tell Isogen which Revision number to cloud. You will use the ISOGENPROJECTDATASETUP dialog to set the Revision value to your current number, in this case 1. Isogen will only cloud the matching revision number.



And our final results looks like this