Custom Data Fields can now be mapped to an Isogen Component Attribute field for reference in the ISO or the ISO BOMs. To use this feature you will need to “Enable” your Isogen Project in I-Configure.

First select your Project in I-Configure and go to File → Enable Project...



Next Change the Application to CADWorx and UnCheck all styles in the list (unless you want an additional style)


Now if you edit any style that has been CADWorx Enabled  you should see this new section in the ECP.



If you select the Attribute Mappings section you will be able to add your custom data fields to the list and map them to A Component Attribute. In the below example we have a Custom data field for SERVICE and we have mapped it to COMPONENT-ATTRIBUTE50



We can now add that column to our BOM



Now in your model assign services to all components



Any components that have the SERVICE field filled out will send that data to ISOGEN.