Windows 10

CADWorx 2017 is certified compatible with Windows 10

AutoCAD 2017

CADWorx 2017 is certified compatible with 64-bit AutoCAD 2017

Caesar II 2017

CADWorx Plant 2017 supports the exporting and importing from Caesar II 2017


More Colors for Compass and Highlight

You can now choose from all 255 AutoCAD Index Colors for the Compass and Highlighted components


Preserve Isogen Data in Change Data Rule

When you have data in the Isogen Edit dialog (ICEDT), it can now be preserved when running CHANGESIZE, CHANGESPEC or CONVERTFROMPRJDATA commands.



Multiport Valve Insertion Point Update

The insertion point for Multiport Valves has been changed from the Actuator End point to the Primary Port point. During the insertion process, you can toggle between connection points for better insertion control.

Enhanced Clamp Graphics

You can add custom graphics to your couplings so they are represented as a clamp. You can add these overlays in the catalog or right in the model. To add them in the model use the COMPONENTDWGBLOCKEDIT command. If you attach custom graphics for clamps you can determine how these will be shown in your CADWorx model by using the settings found in the Setup dialog. You can also choose to ignore any clashes that are created by the overlay. For more information visit here Enhanced Clamp Graphics

Elbow Insulation Enhancements

Insulation on elbows is shown properly now.


Specification Editor

Override Project Custom Data at Specification Level

Custom Data Fields can now be stored at the Project Level and have a different default value for each specification in the PRJ.  

For more information visit here Override Project Custom Data at Specification Level

Default Bolts, Gaskets and Flanges set in Catalog

You can now define selection codes to specific Bolts and Gaskets to specific flanges at the catalog level. At this level the bolts and gaskets will have a default selection code name that can be selected in the flange data table. This will ensure the flange always chooses the correct bolts and gaskets. For standard bolt and gasket insertion this process does not need to be done, this enhancement is to allow automatic placement when non-standard bolts and gaskets need to be used. For example, lug valves that use both bolts and through studs or for couplings being used for clamped components. For more information check out the Selection Codes Tutorial in the CADWorx Plant Help.

Enhanced Clamp Graphics

Couplings can now have enhanced graphics overlaid similar to custom topworks. When assigning these in the catalog you will need to fill out the following columns:

SUBDIRECTORY: Specifies the full path to the folder that houses the custom overlay dwgs.

DWGNAME: Specifies the name and extension of the custom overlay dwg

ROTATION_X_AXIS: Specifies the angle for the overlay dwg to be rotated upon insertion.



End Type Enhancements

You can create custom end types based on any of the default end types. In your new end type you can disable bolt, gasket, and weld insertions as well as create a Stub-End/Lap End connections. One application would be creating Victaulic end types . 

Let's take a look at creating a Victaulic grooved end and a Victaulic clamp end - Victaulic Grooved Endtype

Stubend Enhancements

Multi-Reduction User Shapes

Thumbnail Enhancements

Custom thumbnails for User Shapes and Custom Topworks can be assigned in the catalog properties palette. You can choose between PNG or GIF files.  


Images for Flange Slip On, Flange Reducing Slip On, Flange Threaded, Flange Reducing Threaded, Nip-O-Let, and Strainers have also been updated.

Custom Component Groups

In your catalog, you can create custom group names to better organize your components. This also allows you to assign user shapes to default or custom component groups. Once your groups are created you can change the view of your components list in the specification and the SpecView Palette to Group Mode. 



Custom Topworks Groups

You can create custom Topworks groups to better organize your topworks.  


Use Catalog Properties as Specification Defaults

Component Data Tables

BOM Type       Layer Name

Color Index       Topworks

Sort Sequence       Isogen Identifier

Isogen SKEY       Set as Optional Component

Default Gasket       Default Bolts

Start, End, Branch1, and Branch2 connections.

End Type Tables

Isogen Symbol       Default Gasket

Default Bolts       Component Class

Temperature Rating     Pressure Rating

Usershape Tables

BOM Type       Layer Name

Color Index       Topworks

Sort Sequence       Isogen Identifier

Isogen SKEY       Set as Optional Component

Default Gasket      Default Bolts

Catalog Multi-Column Sorting

The sort order of a data table is saved in the catalog. To sort, click the first column header. For additional columns hold the SHIFT key while selecting the headers in the order you want them sorted. 


Default OTAP SKEY Changed

The default OTAP SKEY was changed from TTSO to TSSO 


ToolTips Full Names

When you hover over a name that is longer than the boundary of the menu the tool tip will display the full name of Data Tables, End Types, Topworks and more. 


Pipe Supports

Variable Length Steel Components

A steel components Length value can be set to -1 to allow the Detect Steel functionality to calculate the proper support length.  


NPS Driven Pipe Support Components

Pipe supports are often assigned specific characteristics depending on the NPS it is supporting. Each size can be assigned a different sized steel component as well as different lengths and widths. 



Use Pipeline Reference Data in DWG Block Attributes

You can now link ISOGEN attributes to AutoCAD attributes in your ISOGEN titleblock. For more information visit here Use Pipeline Reference Data in DWG Block Attributes

Isogen BOP Elevation References

CADWorx typically exports out Center of Pipe elevations for ISOGEN. You can now change that to Bottom of Pipe. You will need to change the IsogenShowBOPElevation setting in the Configuration Setup Dialog.


Create System Isos

When running ISOGENOUT you can now show the line number breaks in a system iso by turning on the IsogenUseSystemsPcf setting.  For more information visit here Create System Isos

Isogen Revision Clouds

Isogen has the ability to draw revision clouds on components that have been marked as a revision. For more information visit here Isogen Revision Clouds

Use Custom Data Fields in Isogen

Custom Data Fields can now be mapped to an Isogen Component Attribute field for reference in the ISO or the ISO BOMs. For more information visit here Use Custom Data Fields in Isogen