Sometimes when you're working with a *.dwg file that has alot going on, or has been in a design phase for quite some time, you will notice that the *.dwg performance starts to degrade over time.  

Here's a tip to get back some of your drawing performance.  Always save a copy of any production drawings before trying any maintenance activities on them.

  1. Run a livedb command, and create a new database, and click the create table button. Save the database to the same location where your drawing is saved.


  2. Close the drawing.

  3. Re-open the drawing.  You should see a dialog that shows CADWorx is inserting those piping components into the db you created.  

  4. Run the DBFGEN command. Wait for the dialog to finish.

  5. Open up a blank drawing.

  6. Connect to the same *.prj that you built your drawing components from.

  7. Run the DBFIN command.

  8. Path to the same database file you created in Step 1.  The dialog will open up with a list of drawings that are currently in the database. Pick the drawing you want to recreate.