This document lists the contingencies for a manually scripted install of CADWorx 2016.

This process is employable where traditional installations are impractical by quantity, and/or the CADWorx silent installation option is deemed by some attribute inadequate.

A standard install of CADWorx 2016 on a test or pilot machine is required, using the intended installation directory, and proper serial number/company info. Any customizations, service packs, and hot fixes will need to be applied to the pilot install before the manual scripting is done.

The steps in this guide enable provisions for the CADWorx Plant Professional application, and do not cover licensing contingencies or peripheral applications.

The following steps may be done manually by an administrator, or scripted. Full admin rights will be required for all steps.

1. Copy the “CADWorx 2016” Installed Directory from the pilot machine to the same location on the target machine

2. Export HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Intergraph CAS > CADWorx Registration Key from pilot machine, and import to the target machine

3. All VC Redistributables from the CADWorx 2016\Utilities folder must be installed on the target machine:

a. VC2005Redistribute.exe

b. VC2005Redistribute-ori.exe

c. VC2008Redistribute.exe

d. VC2008Redistribute4148.exe

e. VC2010Redistribute.exe

f. VC2012Redistribute.exe

g. VC2013Redistribute.exe

4. Run CADWorx 2016\Utilities\CADWorx64Register.bat on the target machine

5. Run CADWorx 2016\Plant\Isogen\I-Configure\pisogenwrapper.bat folder on the target machine


Upon completion of these steps, the end user may use CADWorx 2016\CADWorx_Setup_Profile.exe to create CADworx specific AutoCAD profiles and desktop shortcuts.