The CADWorx configuration file (CFG) stores many important settings. The location of the CFG file determines if CADWorx will load a particular file. 

CADWorx 2015 and Previous

In CADWorx 2015 and previous versions, the software would look first in the same folder as the DWG, then to the Registry to find the last CFG used and finally, it will look in the Install Folder. Below is the search order.


CADWorx 2016 and Greater

In CADWorx 2016 and above, there could be two CFG files used for each designer. The overall Project config that houses all settings the administrator does not want changed by the designer and then a User config that houses all of the personal settings for that designer. CADWorx will first load the Project config and then load only the settings in the User config, that are not locked down by the administrator. It looks first in the drawing to see which CFG was last used. Then to the AutoCAD Support File Search Paths, the Current DWG folder, the Registry to find the last CFG used and finally the install Folder. Below are two diagrams for the search order. One for a new DWG and one for an existing DWG.



Existing DWG


This new setup allows administrators to control which settings are going to be consistent between all designers while still allowing for some designer freedom. It also give administrators more control over where the config file will reside.