On systems that have both CADWorx Plant 2016 and NavisWorks installed, it is necessary to install the Non-ACAD Object Enabler (download from SmartSupport). This solution works until CADWorx Plant is started. After running Plant, NavisWorks is no longer able to view the piping as solids. This is due to Plant changing a Windows Registry key to an incorrect value.


Since we are unable to prevent Plant from changing the ObjectDBX registry setting that NavisWorks depends on, we can create new registry key that will supersede the original one, restoring CADWorx object viewing capability to NavisWorks. CADWorx Plant will not be affected by this key, nor will it be able to change the value, so this change is permanent.

Attached to this solution is a text file. Once you have downloaded it, please rename the file extension to .REG. With Administrator privileges, double-click the REG file and it will create the needed registry key.


Modifying the registry can seriously impact your Windows system. Please set a system restore point prior to making any changes to your registry.