After a network change, you are unable to access an SPLM license. You may receive a 6007 or 7502 error from CADWorx.


Windows 10 no longer formally supports a GUI-based binding order. Even if the directions for establishing a working Loopback Adapter were followed, Windows 10 may change the order of those bindings based on various network events, like the addition of a switch or other new hardware. You can go to the Advanced settings for the KM-TEST Loopback Adapter and change  the order, but Windows 10 will ignore this setting.


You must open an elevated session of  Windows PowerShell to correct this. 

Use the Windows Start button. Start->PowerShell->Right-click->Run as Administrator

Enter the netstat - rn 

In the example, note index number of the KM-TEST Loopback Adapter (highlighted yellow for emphasis). With an index of 16, this adapter is too far down in the binding order for SPLM to use. We need to move it up.


Since this adapter is set to position 16, it should be moved to the top of the list. 
Issue the command Set-NetIPInterface –InterfaceIndex 16 –InterfaceMetric 2
You will need to change the number 16 to match that of your adapter. The command as shown moves the KM-TEST adapter to position 2, which should allow SPLM to properly find the license it needs. If 2 is not successful, please try the number 1 position.