If your configuration settings is set to default , then your friction coefficient is set to zero. This means that every support you add to your system will have no coefficient of friction. This is not a problem if you do not want friction in your system, but oftentimes we decide to add friction to our system after we have built our model. Going back and adding friction to each restraint is a tedious process and takes a large amount of time. One way to avoid this is to change your coefficient of friction in your configuration settings to the the coefficient of friction that you mostly use. When you create a new model, every restraint that is added will have the coefficient of friction from the configuration settings. Although you may not want friction in your system. It is easier to remove friction and modify a currently existing friction coefficient than one that does not exist. In the load case editor, there is a friction multiplier. By changing this to zero, you are telling CAESAR to remove friction from your system. You can also modify the coefficient of friction by changing the friction multiplier to result in a new coefficient of friction.

Below are the steps to make these changes:

1. Open the Configuration settings:

2. Select the coefficient of friction to be whichever coefficient you often use and save your settings by selecting the floppy disk near the upper right corner of the window:

I selected my coefficient of friction to be .400. Now every new restraint I add will also have a coefficient of friction of .400:

3. If you wish to remove/alter the coefficient of friction, go to your load case editor and change the friction multiplier, you might have to scroll to the right to access the column:

The default Friction Multiplier is one; this will leave your friction to be whatever you selected for your restraints. If you wish to turn off friction, make the Friction Multiplier zero. The Friction Multiplier is the number that is multiplied by the coefficient of friction at each restraint. This way, you can increase or decrease your coefficient of friction by changing your Friction Multiplier.