Leica Cyclone is the Base of the High Definition Surveying platform, it is the application that manages and holds all of the information utilized in Cloudworx, JetStream and other Cyclone modules and apps.  

Cyclone Navigator is the first screen and used to create projects (.imp) to either connect to a Leica Cyclone project or import scanning files (point clouds)

1.  First we will begin with creating a new database (project), Open Cyclone to the Navigator screen, expand servers and go to the unshared computer name.  Go to Configure Databases, or right click on the unshared PC name and click databases.

2.  The Configure Databases screen will open, and click add on the right (1), then select the three dot browse button (2), to go find your .imp (3)

1A.  If you are not using a .imp and working with raw scan files, even if using other vendors you can following this process to import the scan data into cyclone.

1.  Give your new database a project name (New Plant Project) (1), and click OK(2)

2.  Right click on your New Plant Project (1) and click Import (2).  If you only have CloudWorx and do not have any other cyclone modules, Basic, Register or Model.  You will need to make sure that you have CloudWorx open and you have initiated the license and got into a command.  CloudWorx Menu.....>Configure Databases will do the trick.  This will turn on the import functionality for Cyclone Navigator and allow you to import. 

3.  There are many formats that point clouds can be saved in, here is the list that you can import without the addition of Cyclone Importer.  With the addition of Importer you have a direct plug in to other hardware vendors such as Faro and LFM.  Most vendors should export to a .PTS, PTX, or .E57 to be used in cyclone.  

4.  Lastly , Right click and Create Modelspace and Open your Cyclone Modelspace View to use in Cloudworx, Jetstream or use for other Cyclone tools, such as publish to TruView, TruView Global, Register with other scans, or create a geometric solids model in Cyclone Model.  If this feature is not available you will need to go back into CloudWorx.  Go to CloudWorx......>Configure Databases, browse to newly created project, highlight model spaces folder and click Create View.

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