CADWorx Steel 2015 in AutoCAD 2016

The following instructions detail how to run CADWorx Steel 2015 in AutoCAD 2016.

1. Download and extract the applicable 32bit or 64bit update from Smart Support.



2. After you extract the zip file, you will see the following files:


For 32bit:


For 64bit:

3. Right-click AsdkHirApi20.dbx and select Copy.

4. Navigate to [Product Folder]\Steel\Support, right-click in the folder, and then select Paste.



5. On the desktop, right-click the CADWorx Steel 2015 icon, and then select Properties.



6. On the Shortcut tab, change the Target AutoCAD version from AutoCAD 2015 to AutoCAD 2016, and then click OK.

If you receive the following, click Continue. You must have administrator rights to make this change.


7. In CADWorx Steel 2015, right-click in the main AutoCAD model window, and select Options.



8. Select Support File Search Path, click Add, and then click Browse. Find the file you need, and then click OK.


9. If you are missing any of the following highlighted locations in either Support File Search Path or Trusted Locations, repeat steps 7 and 8 to add them. Click OK.  



10. Navigate to [Product Folder]\Steel\Support, and backup your existing CADWorxSteel2015.arx file.



11. Open the extracted file location, and then select and copy the CADWorxSteel2015.arx.


12. Navigate to [Product Folder]\Steel\Support, right-click, and then select Paste to update the .arx file.


13. Close all active CADWorx Steel 2015 sessions, and then launch CADWorx Steel 2015 session from the updated desktop shortcut.