Windows 10 - Program Files Installation


You are installing CADWorx 2016 on a Windows 10 machine and you want to install it in the Program Files directory.


  1. Manually create a directory (i.e. ICAS) under “Programs Files”.

  2. Open the properties dialog on this directory and pick the Security tab.


  1. Under the Security tab, select Edit button.

  2. Under the next dialog, Permissions for ICAS, select the Add button.


  1. Under the next dialog, Select Users or Groups, add Everyone at the bottom - check name and pick OK.


  1. Back under the next dialog, Permission for ICAS, select Full control for Everyone and pick OK.


  1. Pick OK for the ICAS Properties dialog making sure you have added Everyone with Full control.


  1. Now install CADWorx 2016 in this directory making sure you install with administrative rights. Even if the user has administrative rights.


Thank you Robert Wheat for your sharing this workflow.


CADWorx Plant Professional 2016, CADWorx PID 2016