I installed CADWorx 2016. What is new for Isogen


To watch an overview video please use this link

Enhanced repeatability formatting

Limitations have been removed for Spool/Weld/Mark numbers when Repeatability functionality is used. Leading zeroes will no longer be removed and Isogen style prefix formatting will be left alone.

Select I-Configure Styles

You no longer need to export out your I-Configure Styles, you can directly call the style XML. If you choose to use a FLS, use the Browse for style option.

Location Points

Allows users to tag piping geometry with a coordinate on the Isogen plot.

Turn them on in I-Configure

Insert in model


Run your Iso


Troubleshooting Isos

When Isos fail you now have access to more information and ways to share that information. To view the data follow the steps below.

Choose View Extraction Logs

 Next you can open the PCF file or double click any file in the list on the left to open it.

To send the data follow the steps below.

You can add more files to the list or simply use the Collect button to see the next dialog.


Choose to send in email or save to a new location.


New commands and ribbon buttons

New ribbon buttons and commands to launch IConfigure and Skey Editor inside of CADWorx Plant

I-Configure = LaunchIconfigure

Skey Editor = LaunchSymbolEditor

Updated I-Configure to 2014 R1

Please review this file C:\CADWorx 2016\Plant\Isogen\I-Configure\I-Configure\Release Notes.txt for the updates in the latest release

Easily create Tutorial/example Isogen Styles

The Create Tutorial ISO Styles found in the start menu will create the folders and files below



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