When the user tries to convert a file that was opened with CAESAR II 2016, they will not be able to since currently FEA Tools v2.0 only supports CAESAR II 2014.  Fortunately Intergraph has created a compatibility patch that allows the user to add functionality to FEA Tools v2.0 to be compatible with CAESAR II 2016 files.  

The download for the DLL compatibility patch is here: http://www.ecedesign.com/cadworxdownloads?code=56cdc90d8ca7b

Inside the zipped file, the attached files and swticher batch file will copy either the V7 or V8 DLLs into the current names used by FEATools V2.0.  The user just needs to run the batch file as needed if they have both versions of CAESAR II on their machine.  FEATools V2.0 will not work with both CAESAR II versions at the same time.