This solution is intended for corporate IT teams (network\system administrators). Familiarity with domain connections, Group Policy, Active Directory and your corporate security software are required.

Many corporations are moving to highly restrictive security configurations on user workstations, and this can create problems with various software installers. If your organization provisions user accounts without Administrator rights and uses distributed Group Policy to restrict how a software can behave, then this information may be relevant. When you are faced with this situation, there are a few best practices that can make a big difference in getting a good working install of AutoCAD and CADWorx. Please note that the processes below depend on use of the hidden local Administrator account. If your internal policies will not permit the use of this account, then another account with full Administrative rights will be needed. It is preferable that the account not be joined to the domain, but if other accounts have already been joined to the domain, then Local Group Policy may have already been changed sufficiently to prevent a successful installation.

It is important to note that these procedures are not commonly needed. AutoCAD and CADWorx typically install correctly, and these recommendations are intended to be used in situations where the user's account cannot be set (even temporarily) to Administrator, and\or Group Policy Objects restrict software behavior.

There are three approaches of installing CADWorx Plant on a standard (non-Admin) account: 

1) run the 2017 installer directly from the standard user account and provide Admin credentials when the installer prompts (this does not give adnin credentials to the standard user, just to the installer to complete its actions)

2) install CADWorx Plant under a different (Admin) account and run SetupProfile on the standard user account once logged back into the Standard user account. 

Approach 1 above is the recommended approach. If the two above approaches fail, please use the steps below.

CADWorx 2016 Installation - Restrictive IT Environments

  1. Enable the hidden local Administrator account on user workstations. Do this immediately after imaging the PC (if not already enabled in the installation image) and prior to domain connection to prevent Group Policy Updates from being pushed into the profile.
  2. Set a password for the local Admin account according to your IT policies.
  3. Ensure that restrictive GP settings are not applied to the local Admin account. This requires familiarity with your corporate local GPO's.
  4. Temporarily disable firewall, antivirus & malware prevention tools.
  5. Some AV applications leave restrictions in place, even after removal. If possible, install all CAD applications prior to installing your antivirus solution.
  6. Log into the local Admin account. Always install CAD software from a local Admin account.
  7. Install the desired AutoCAD version first. Do not use AutoCAD Plant 3D or AutoCAD P&ID. These are not compatible with CADWorx.
  8. Most non-vanilla AutoCAD installers will permit the creation of a base-AutoCAD profile (no verticals). This is recommended for use with CADWorx.
  9. If the installer is file-based, copy the installer to the local drive.
  10. If the installer is file-based, right click the installer file and open Properties. In the General tab, If there is an Unblock button, click it. If the button does not exist, then move to the next step.
  11. If the installer is image-based (AutoCAD deployment), configure it on a share that can be accessed without domain registration.
  12. Once AutoCAD has been installed, run it once from the desktop icon to create the user profile.
  13. Close AutoCAD.
  14. Repeat steps 7 & 8 to install CADWorx. Choose the default installation location. Do not change the installation to the C:\Program Files directory.
  15. Make sure to choose a compatible version of AutoCAD during the installation process. (see line 6)
  16. There is no need to run CADWorx after installation in the local Admin account.
  17. Restart the PC.
  18. Log into the user account. Note that there is a desktop icon for AutoCAD.
  19. Run AutoCAD to create the local user's profile. Verify the licensing is working.
  20. Close AutoCAD.
  21. Run the CADWorx Profile setup utility for all desired versions of CADWorx. Start -> All Programs -> CADWorx 2016 -> Plant -> Setup Profile -> Plant
  22. Ensure desktop icons were created for the desired CADWorx versions.
  23. Run CADWorx from the icons. Verify that the licensing is working.
  24. Immediately review corporate firewall, antivirus and malware tool logs to ensure no AutoCAD or CADWorx-related files are being blocked.

CADWorx 2016 Service Pack Installation - Restrictive IT Environments

  1. Restart the PC.
  2. Log into the local Admin account.
  3. Open Windows Explorer and find the C:\CADWorx 2016 directory.
  4. Right-click the directory folder and choose Properties.
  5. In the General tab, clear the box for Read-only. If the box is already clear, check it and clear it again.
  6. Allow Windows to remove the Read-only property for all folders and files in the CADWorx 2016 directory.
  7. Copy the Service Pack installer to the local drive.
  8. Right click the installer file and open Properties. In the General tab, if there is an Unblock button, click it. If the button does not exist, then move to the next step.
  9. Run the installer.
  10. Restart the PC.
  11. Log into the user account.
  12. Start CADWorx and verify that the version number matches the Service Pack (CADWORXABOUT).