There are some interesting new features when using the Specification Editor in 2016.

One of the first things to note is that when opening an existing catalog, you will be prompted to either Upgrade the catalog or to Save a backup and Upgrade.


If you still have jobs using previous versions of the catalog (i.e. PRJ files linked to the catalog) it is highly recommended that you Save the backup and upgrade so that you can proceed with implementing CADWorx 2016 on upcoming jobs and Project (PRJ) files.

Once the catalog has been upgraded there is no path backwards, in other words there is no save as function to make it useable with older PRJ files.

When working with Project files (PRJ) you now have an option moving forward to Save As. This gives you the option of saving an existing PRJ, or newly created PRJ, to either the 2016 format (the default) or as either a 2015 or 2014 format project file.


Additionally, you now have the ability to assign various end types to components in your specs. This will no longer cause ProgramCode 0000 condition, preventing placement of these components. This enhancement now supports any combination needed.

Here is a brief  video covering this topic.