Occasionally when some folks attempt to run or export a BOM from CADWorx Plant they receive an error message on the command line stating that there was an error copying the file C:\CADWorx 2015\Plant\System\Pipe.mdb.


This error message can come up even when you are not using a database with CADWorx Plant. CADWorx uses the Pipe.mdb file when generating a BOM as this database has a Pipe table that has column values that match those in the BOM setup dialog.



If you receive this error message, all you have to do is to navigate with Windows Explorer to the System folder in the install directory (i.e. C:\CADWorx 2015\Plant\). There you will find the file PIPE.MDB along with other versions compatible with particular versions of Microsoft Access.

Delete the existing PIPE.MDB file, then copy one of the other version particular databases and paste it into the System folder. Then rename the copied file to PIPE.MDB (no year).


The preceding is the recommended procedure to resolving the error.

Alternatively you can edit your configuration file to use one of the other databases in the System folder.


However, changing the configuration will affect all others using the same configuration. So it's best to correct the problem on your workstation.