When submitting tickets, there is a size limitation on attachments.  The Total File size must be less than 15 MB.  Since most Mail Servers are limited to around 10 MB when sending emails, ECE has set up a portal to submit larger file sizes.

Our solution provider is WeTransfer and our portal is https://ece.wetransfer.com.  It's a free service which is sponsored by ECE and files are kept on-line for up to 28 days before being automatically removed. The download links provided are secure so only the people that have the URL links can download the files.

To Send Large Files or Attach Larger files to Tickets:

  • Navigate to https://ece.wetransfer.com
  • Click the "+Add files" button or just drag the files onto the webpage to upload your files.

WeTransfer Help

  • WeTransfer defaults to email transfer and our support@ecedesign.com email.
  • Just add your email a message and send.
  • If you prefer to attach a download link to your ticket then press the button as shown below
WeTransfer Help for adding download link to ticket
  • The link will appear once the file is finished uploading.  

If you have any questions surrounding the WeTransfer service, checkout their Q&A here. Otherwise, feel free to submit a ticket or give us a call.