Have you ever come across a TEMPMAT error in CAESAR II?   There are a few solutions you can try to quickly fix and get rid of these errors:

1. Copy the affected file to a new, blank folder.  Make sure only the file is in this folder.  For example, I am working with 104-106.C2 and it is the only file I have in this folder.

2. Open the affected file in CAESAR II by clicking on the open button, but do not open the piping input window.

3. Navigate to the directory in Windows Explorer where you have this file open, the *.c2 file should no longer be there, instead you will see a *._a file, *._b file and so on.  

4. What you need to do next is delete all the files in this directory except the *._A and *._J files.  After you delete these files, close the CAESAR II window again.

5. Open up the CAESAR II window again, and open the *._A version of your file.  This file containts all the input geometry of your file, and can be worked on just like a *.C2 file. 

6. Complete.  The TEMPMAT error should not appear in this file while it is being worked on from inside this new directory.