Sometimes due to errors in writing to the hard disk a CAESAR II input file may be corrupted, and will not be able to open, or will have other strange errors in the input which are too numerous to list here.  Instead of troubleshooting those errors, a quick fix can sometimes be to perform a neutral file conversion on your CAESAR II input file.  

To perform neutral file conversion:

1. Open up CAESAR II.  In the main window, Click on Interfaces, and then on "CAESAR II Neutral file".

2. Click on the radial button to "Convert CAESAR II Input File to Neutral File" and then click browse.

3.Choose your file, then click on Convert.

4.The following dialog should appear. Click on OK.

5. Click on YES to perform another conversion.

5A. Very Important!  Now you need to go into the folder you saved the *.cii file, and rename it to something different than the *.c2 file.  It can be anything different than the *.c2 file name that is inside the same directory.

6. Now leave the radial button on the first option, "Convert Neutral File to CAESAR II Input File" and click on browse.

7. Pick the CII file that you just created, and click on Convert.

8. You should get another "The conversion was completed successfully" dialog.

9. That's it!  Open up the new generated *.C2 file.