Errors due to the animation view not being accessible in CAESAR II may have a varied number of sources causing the problem.  The most common solutions to this problem are:

  • Updating video drivers.
  • Updating Windows distributables required by CAESAR II.
  • Using alternative video drivers for CAESAR II.

Updating Video Drivers:

1. Go to your start menu, and type in "dxdiag" and press enter.

2. On the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, (1) Go to the Display 1 tab, (2) look at what video card is being utilized by display adapter, and (3) review the version of the driver that is being used for the video card. 

3. The next step is to find and install the latest driver for the video card found in step (2).  If you are not familiar with the process of updating a video card driver,  the process is detailed 


4. Restart CAESAR II and try the animation view again.  If this did not work, attempt the next two solutions.

Updating Windows Distributables required by CAESAR II:

1. First, follow these steps to install .NET 3.5

2. On the computer you should also download and install these, if they do not already exist on the computer:

3. Restart your computer, and try the animation view in CAESAR II again.  If this did not work, reinstall CAESAR II and try again.

Using alternative Hardware acceleration in CAESAR II.

1. Open CAESAR II and go to the Configuration Settings dialog.

2. Go to (1) Graphics Settings, (2) Video Driver, and change the value from Open Gl to Direct3D.  

3. Click SAVE in the upper left hand corner, and CLOSE CAESAR II.  

4. Open CAESAR II and try the animation view again.  If it does not work,  Go back into the Configuration Settings in Step 2 and change the Video Driver to Windows Basic Video, and try again.