For those that are leery of using the “Convert Legacy Drawing” tools within the CADWorx Plant Setup, there is an alternative.


If you have models that were created prior to implementing CADWorx Plant 2015, and have the same specs in 2015 that were used in the “old” model, you have the opportunity to bring the lines required into the CADWorx Plant 2015 format by using an ISOGEN toolset.

By using the PCFOUT function in the “old” (pre-CADWorx Plant 2015) model, you can create a PCF [Piping Component File] of the selected components. You can save the PCF to your desktop for easy location. It is recommended that you only PCFOUT a single line at a time.

Then in CADWorx Plant 2015, with a project loaded that has the same spec(s) as the “old” model, you can then PCFIN the line that was previously PCFOUT. It will be modeled in your current drawing at the same location with the same components, but with “new” CADWorx Plant 2015 objects (i.e. they will have the design grips and not be read only).

As stated earlier, it is recommended that you PCFOUT single lines rather than the entire model or multiple lines. This may come in handy if there is a problem when using PCFIN, as any missing component(s) in the current CADWorx 2015 specs will be noted on the command line.

You can access the PCFOUT & PCFIN commands from the CADWorx Plant I ribbon:


Or from the Plant menu:


Or by entering PCFOUT or PCFIN on the command line.