You open your CADWorx product and all of your CADWorx palettes fly open.


There are several causes, depending on your version of CADWorx.


Solution 1 (CADWorx 2015 & 2016):

  • Undock your AutoCAD command line

  • Save, Close & Reopen CADWorx

Solution 2:

  • Right Click your CADWorx Plant desktop icon

  • Go to the end of the target line and add: /nologo

  • Press OK

  • Launch CADWorx

Solution 3 (CADWorx 2016):
  • Verify that the C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2016\R20.1\enu directory contains the following XML files.
    • CADWorxAssemblyPaletteSetting2016.xml
    • CADWorxEqiupment.xml (yes, there is a typo)
    • CADWorxLineView2016.xml
    • CADWorxPIDOpen2016.xml
    • CADWorxPipeSupportView2016.xml
    • CADWorxSpecView2016.xml
    • CADWorxDiscontinuityView2016.xml
    • CADWorxInsulationView2016.xml
  • If these files exist already, move on to the next step. If they are missing, create them as empty text files.
  • Set your AutoCAD STARTMODE to 0.


CADWorx Plant Professional 2015, CADWorx Plant Professional 2016, CADWorx P&ID 2015, CADWorx P&ID 2016