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Open Items/Requests:

ANNOWorx – Ability to reattach component

BUBBLEWorx – Add the ability to add extra MARK bubble styles from within interface

SHEETWorx – All text replacement on MTEXT.

SHEETWorx – Scroll to bottom of list once done producing drawings.

SHEETWorx – Plotting

SHEETWorx –  Nested Blocks

SHEETWorx – Dynamic Blocks - Change State of Dynamic Block Through State Column

SHEETWorx – Position Blocks

STRESSWorx – Add the ability to update dynamic block attributes

VIEWWorx – Manually place a viewbox based on user selected points.

VIEWWorx – Ability to use current drawing when placing views onto a sheet.

Next Release

ISOWorx – Added ability to copy the PCF file for each successful ISO to Completed Folder

ISOWorx – Added ability to create an Attribute file for each Iso that was post processed.

ISOWorx – Changed drawing lists to be sorted.

ISOWorx – Fixed Tooltips for newly added Plotting buttons.

BUBBLEWorx – Changed increment level in columns widths for BOM columns.

10-02-2018 V2018.2.12.0

INSTALLATION - Fixed issue where in certain cases the AutoCAD plugins would not run correctly.

ISOWorx – Added option to choose Model Space or Paper Space in settings for PDF’s created using the Batch Create PDF’s tool.

ISOWorx – Added output folder option in settings for PDF’s created using the Batch Create PDF’s tool.

ISOWorx – Added option to create PDF for selected drawings only.
ISOWorx – Added ability for Spool Rename to replace text found in Blocks and Mtext

09-27-2018 V2018.2.11.0

VIEWWorx - Fixed issue where the application would not start in Bricscad.

MTOWorx - Fixed issue where the application would not start in Bricscad.

09-17-2018 V2018.2.10.0

STRESSWorx - Hotfix for exporting to neutral file not working correctly.

08-31-2018 V2018.2.9.0

ISOWorx – Fixed issue with attributes being left behind

ISOWorx – Increase the Number of Characters in Spool Rename Functionality.Variable Length on WWWWW for spool renaming

LINKWorx – Renamed Linking tab to 3D Model

LINKWorx – Added SOCKETWorx tab

LINKWorx – When selecting a Category, tree is expanded to Group level, not line level

LINKWorx – Modified Expand All button to expand to Group level, not line level

LINKWorx – Fixed issue with Manual Categories showing

LINKWorx – Added option to right click a Category and insert the Highlight Legend 

LINKWorx – Modified Legend Table to only show current category

LINKWorx – Modified Legend Table to NOT show No Group Specified group

LINKWorx – Add highlight annotation settings
LINKWorx – Add Legend Table settings

MTOWorx - Fixed Typo in Headers settings

VIEWWorx – Fixed viewport settings in certain cases
VIEWWorx – Fixed error for Steel items in certain cases

06-18-2018 V2018.2.1.1

MTOWorx – Fixed ability to have custom field names that match standard field names.

06-07-2018 V2018.2.0.0

ANNOWorx - Ability to Manually Add Custom Text that is not removed during Sync

LINKWorx – Added ability to work with SQL databases for highlight tracing.

LINKWorx – Added ability to automatically switch current database based on config settings for highlight tracing.

LINKWorx – Added ability to insert a table legend based on the current highlight tracing in the drawing.

LINKWorx – Added ability to annotate highlight tracing.
LINKWorx – Added ability to retain highlight tracing after a refresh.

ISOWorx – Fixed WSO file lockups.

MTOWorx – Added ability to update Short Description, Sort Sequence, Tag and Weight on components 

SHEETWorx – Fixed ability to select folders. 

STRESSWorx - Ability to select BARS.FILL or MM.FIL during metric export.

STRESSWorx - Allowable Stress is now only applied to the first element in a piping assembly.

STRESSWorx - Stress system line numbers can now be assigned in the P&ID database.

STRESSWorx - Default Support/Restraint type can now be selected in the settings.

STRESSWorx - Rigid Assemblies will now ignore gasket material and use the next item in an assembly for its material.

STRESSWorx - Rigid Assemblies can now be set to break on each material change.

VIEWWorx: Ability to copy viewboxes

01-10-2018 V5.1.1.0

LINKWorx- Added Ability to append NOCHANGE to either beginning or end of Text Style

01-04-2018 V5.1.0.0

BUBBLEWorx– Fixed issue where BOM Tables would disappear after drawing being re-opened. 

BUBBLEWorx– Added message to notify users when their model was in need of Auditing orRecovery

BUBBLEWorx– Clear MML list if MML is not found during a refresh

BUBBLEWorx– Fixed MML Bolt Quantity vs Bolt Set quantities

BUBBLEWorx– Fixed issue where BOM Settings Feet and Inches Units were swapped


  • Compatible with AutoCAD 2018

06-07-2017 V5.0.4.0


  • Complete Overhaul of Settings.  Settings are now Global across all Worx Plugins.
  • Settings can now be exported and imported for global standards across an organization.
  • BricsCAD V17 Compatibility on all plugins.
  • AutoCAD 2017 Compatibility.
  • User interface look and feel is now global across all palettes. Change it once for all Worx Plugins.
  • Add Links (Download, Check Version, Release Notes, etc to bottom of each Palette
  • Added New Version Check.
  • Auto-Load of ECE Worx Ribbon.  

ANNOWorx - Fixed issue with multiple viewports in paperspace.

ANNOWorx - Clean up of Interface by moving settings to new settings dialog.

ANNOWorx - Fixed Insulation Issues when tagging items.

ANNOWorx - The current text style now controls the text style when placing annotation.

ANNOWorx - Added Space and Line Break separators to the optional Insulation section.

BUBBLEWorx - Added the ability to have Easting, Northing and Elevation Unit Setting.

BUBBLEWorx - Rework Isogen Supplementals

BUBBLEWorx - Rework Table Insertion

BUBBLEWorx - Allow Syncing of Tables

BUBBLEWorx - Added functionality to Tag Items as set up to Tag in Isogen.

BUBBLEWorx - Bubble on the fly - Collect Components, Sort by Sort Seq, and Lay Down Bubbles, Create a BOM automatically.  Sync will renumber everything using existing bubbles if available and then add bubbles if they dont exist to the table automatically..

ISOWorx - CADWorx 2017 Compatibility.

ISOWorx - Added ability to have Configuration File Automatically chosen if located with drawing file

LINKWorx - Initial Release of P&ID Tracing and Piping Tracing.  

LINKWorx - Initial Release of P&ID Block Library Utilities

MTOWorx - Fixed Custom Data display in some instances.

MTOWorx - Modified back end routines to match up with other plugins

MTOWorx - Added more fields to the Grid Manager as requested by customers

MTOWorx - Added Insulation Data to list of available fields
MTOWorx - Added CAD Object identifiers to list of available fields

SHEETWorx - Changes made to allow CAD Block Drawing to remain open during processing of the spreadsheet

STRESSWorx - Ability to create neutral files without a PI&D Database utilizing a line number spreadsheet located in the support folder.

STRESSWorx - A new Process Line Data Palette that shows the process line data either from a database or an excel file used in neutral file output.

STRESSWorx - Dummy restraint support has been upgraded

STRESSWorx - Settings have been moved to the new global settings dialog.

STRESSWorx - The View Palette now utilizes the same engine as VIEWWorx for viewbox creation and drawing production. 

STRESSWorx - Added Metric capability.

STRESSWorx  - Restraints 2,3, and 4 values are now suppressed when only restraint 1 is assigned.

VIEWWorx - Images have been standardized across palettes

VIEWWorx - Settings have been moved to the new global settings dialog.

VIEWWorx - Tools for template creation have been moved to the layout palette.

VIEWWorx - The Line View palette has returned! Create viewboxes and automated drawings based on line numbers.


MTOWorx: Custom data should now show up in reports more reliably.

ECE License Manager: You can now resize the form.


ANNOWorx: Disabling the palette should no longer crash the system.

BUBBLEWorx: Disabling the palette should no longer crash the system.

WORX Suite: All plugins should no longer need to run a netload upon first use.  They should run out of the box.

ECE License Manager: Licenses should now activate correctly if activated from the main page.

STRESSWorx: Restraint 1 on the Restraints Tab should now properly hold all values when switching supports in the drawing

STRESSWorx: Line numbers should now sort correctly in the line number selection dialog.

STRESSWorx: Neutral file creation should now default to the correct folder when opening the file browse dialog.

STRESSWorx: The hydraulic pressure from the PI&D database should now export correctly to CAESAR II

STRESSWorx: View drawings with stress systems should now properly isolate the correct line numbers.

STRESSWorx: View drawings created with STRESSWorx should now open reliably.

SHEETWorx: Double-Click in list box to open drawing.

SHEETWorx: Increase number of drawings allowed to open > 20

SHEETWorx: Sort Output Drawing Listbox

SHEETWorx: Template Directory: Add list of templates from the Template Directory (like the Completed Drawings list).

SHEETWorx: Errors in the Results list (like things that are skipped) should be highlighted in red.

SHEETWorx: Checkbox to overwrite Existing drawings.

SHEETWorx: Enhance Application to populate Paperspace items

SHEETWorx: Provide Filter on Output Drawing Listbox

SHEETWorx: Specifically state which required columns are not present.

SHEETWorx: The Attribute Columns added after the initial spreadsheet are not always being picked up.  Identify and fix.

SHEETWorx: Allow Blocks to be populated from External Block Drawing File Like BUBBLEWorx

SHEETWorx: Right-Click Menu to delete and open drawings in listbox


9-19-2016 3.7.8

ANNOWorx: Fixed Issue with screen resolution set to 125%

ANNOWorx: Ability to Access Custom Data

ANNOWorx: Ability to parse the Line Number Field and only use a subset of the Line Number for Annotating Orthographics

ANNOWorx: Add Conditional Formatting for Insulation. If insulation is found add insulation to the pipe, if not, don't add.

ANNOWorx: Additional Characters in the field selection to include "(" and ")"

ANNOWorx: Add Isogen Message Data to the field Selections

BUBBLEWorx: Add the ability to have Easting, Northing and Elevation Offset.

BUBBLEWorx:Fixed Issue with screen resolution set to 125%

MTOWorx: Add more checks on Snapshot to ensure options have not been changed that cause mismatches.

All Plugins - New Software Licensing Available.

9-7-2016 Consolidated Release 3.7.3

BUBBLEWorx: Fix Table Sizing

BUBBLEWorx: Fixed Tooltip Text on Viewclip Warning Labels

BUBBLEWorx: Add option to Ignore Existing Components when bubbling in auto mode.

ISOWorx: Add another dedicated field to the spreadsheet called "ISO_DWG_FILENAME_". If it exists rename it to the file name that. If it doesn’t exist or is blank then default back to the ISO_DWG_NAME_. 

ISOWorx: Add ability to select an xlsxm (Macro Enabled Workbook)

ISOWorx: Added Spool Rename Functionality

ISOWorx: Changed the "Move Results" Screen to be Center Screen and listed in the Task Bar in case it appears behind everything.

LOOPWorx: Added the ability for Block Replacement functionality to enable automating PLC and Terminal Block drawings from a spreadsheet

LOOPWorx: Rebranding to SHEETWorx with the addition of the new block functionality.

SHEETWorx: Added the ability to batch through worksheets.

SHEETWorx: Added new Themes.

MTOWorx: Added the Ability to read PRJ files and provide Pipe Support Bill of Materials with all parts in the Pipe Support Assemblies.

MTOWorx: Added Program Code Descriptor Field

MTOWorx: Add the Ability  View Custom Fields in the Grid

MTOWorx: Add ability to export as xls

MTOWorx: Upgrade Compare Feature to make more intuitive - BOM Snapshot.

MTOWorx: Added ability to pick up the QUANTITY for Generic Attach Items in the TAG field.

MTOWorx: Fixed Issue with selected Display Units

MTOWorx: Added ability to select Display Units for Length.

MTOWorx: Added option to Include Invisible and Line Isolated Items.

MTOWorx: Added Toolbox Item to include/exclude Tap Connections

MTOWorx: Added Option to Clear Out the Part Number Field on all items in the current drawing to assist with the current find and replace functionality.

MTOWorx: Added ability to maintain User Fields on a per grid basis.

MTOWorx: Increased the number of Custom Grids to 40.

STRESSWorx: Initial Release.

3-22-2016 Consolidated Build 3.7

ANNOWorx: Changed the Center Line designation from "C/L" to "℄" Character

ANNOWorx: The Line With Elevation will now remember and maintain the elevation type (BOP, TOP or ℄) on the individual annotation when syncing.  If a different type is required then the annotation must be reinserted.

ANNOWorx: Insulation is now picked up.

ANNOWorx: Updated MLeader creation to correct text style issue.

ANNOWorx: Updated Sync Code to speed up when annotating larger models.

ANNOWorx: Moving Help to Website.

ANNOWorx: Updated Code to adjust for AutoCAD moving MLeaders on Sync.

BUBBLEWorx: Fixed UCS "Not In World Error". The Bubbles are placed in space when not the Viewport is not in World.

BUBBLEWorx: Fixed BUBBLEWorx Errors when bubbling in Model Space for MML or Tagging.

ANNOWorx/BUBBLEWorx: Fixed External Component Error when xRefs missing and can not be validated.

ISOWorx: Fixed Palette not updating Isometric Directory in CADWorx 2016.

ISOWorx: Added the ability to read the new XML I-Config Style Sheets in lieu of fls files

MTOWorx: Added additional fields for selection in the grid:        

  • ISOGEN Message Field
  • BOM Item Type (Fabrication, Erection, Offshore, Miscellaneous)
  • Existing
  • Symbol Identifier
  • Symbol SKEY
  • Message Type
  • Spool
  • Sketch
  • Dimension Status
  • Sheet No
  • Size - Main
  • Size - Reduction

MTOWorx: With the addition of the Size - Main and Size - Reduction field, we added the ability to change the fields to display in Architectural or Decimal format through the toolbox.

ALL: Changed all Palettes to allow for saving the position of the Palette

ALL: Added the ability for Software Licensing - Standalone Only.

11-19-2015 Consolidated Build 3.17

BUBBLEWorx: Fixed an issue for the MTO Cut List and Total without Groups.

BUBBLEWorx: Fixed issue where improper use of Attachment verses Overlay with X-Refs causes AutoCAD to crash.

BUBBLEWorx: Added Northing, Easting and Elevation to Import/Export of Settings.

BUBBLEWorx: Fixed Syncing issue in regards to Bubbles created in older pre-3.0 releases.

10-29-2015 Consolidated Build 3.14

  • BUBBLEWorx: Add the ability to have Easting, Northing and Elevation attached to Bubbles.
  • BUBBLEWorx: Moving Help to the Website
  • MTOWorx: Fixed an Issue where Steel Program Codes were coming out as all "0".
  • MTOWorx: Fixed Error Message Text on AutoMark Palette.
  • MTOWorx: Finished moving help to the website. Changed Documentation Website Location to to provide a more robust manual
  • MTOWorx: Added Checking to ensure the Headers Match in the Compare BOM routine.
  • MTOWorx: Compare for Material Take Off

  • BUBBLEWorx: Organize Master Material Creation:
    • Added the ability to update the MML with new components found in the model
    • Added the ability to include Steel Length in the MML for most components (Channel, Wide Flanges, etc)
  • BUBBLEWorx: Add the ability to add extra TAG bubble styles.  Previously, this would cause images to be misaligned to bubbles.
  • BUBBLEWorx: Fixed Insert Table Text Styles for Single, MTO and MML Tables.
  • BUBBLEWorx: Added Progress Bar to Insert Tables

  • BUBBLEWorx: Added Progress Bar to Auto Bubbling

  • BUBBLEWorx: Optimized Auto Bubbling Routine for Speed.

  • BUBBLEWorx: On the Tag Palette, Replace Bubble was not being disabled during a command.  Fixed.

  • BUBBLEWorx: Fix Sync and Auto Insert Routines to account for Bubble Counts over 5000.

  • SUPPORTWorx: Fixed an issue with processing some prj files depending on version created.
  • SUPPORTWorx: Fix Spec Set of Pipe Support Assembly Parts

  • VIEWWorx: Newly created view drawings will now xref the main drawing in with a relative path instead of an absolute path.

  • VIEWWorx:  Pipe supports can now be separated from pipe and pipe fittings when using the layer by line function.  The setting can be applied in the settings dialog general section.

  • VIEWWorx:  The Line Number listboxes on the Line Number Palette should now properly refresh when opening a drawing or switching drawings. 

9-10-2015 Consolidated Build 3.12 Changes

  • MTOWorx - Added Cut and Total MTO Views for Piping: Previously, MTOWorx only provided a Total BOM - All Pipe was added in the Quantity Field.  Now, we provide an option on the Material Take Off view to see a Cut BOM. Note: Length should be added to the grid manager to provide a realistic Cut List.  Also, at this time we include lengths for Pipe & Tubing by default.  We provide an option to Include Nipple, Valve and Bolt Lengths in the tables.  All other lengths in Cut View are left blank.
  • MTOWorx - Added an Overall Drawing or Line Filter to the Piping Grids. There are times when the User only wants to see items from a particular drawing (Model) or line in the MTOWorx Grids.  We now have the ability to set an overall filter that will ignore components components not caught by the Overall Filter.   
  • MTOWorx - Added Option to AutoFit Columns in after Quick Report.  This was originally the default function but templates were being auto-sized by default so it was made an option.
  • MTOWorx - BOM Units were not updating correctly on the Single BOM Grid.  UOM Measure is added automatically to the MTO Grid if it is not selected.  Some users were adding it manually to the grid and as such it also appeared in the Single BOM Grid where it was not updating correctly. This has been fixed.  
  • MTOWorx - Corrected Issue where column 0 of the BOM or MTO grid could grow in size with no way to change.
  • VIEWWorx - The layers section of the settings dialog has had its column/row headers names changed to better reflect the column/row contents.
  • VIEWWorx - Default layer names for WORXBoxes have been more appropriately named.
  • VIEWWorx - Line number drawings that are created by VIEWWorx will now have all non current line number layers invisible, frozen, and locked.
  • VIEWWorx - Views should now be clipped properly after updating the view.
  • VIEWWorx - The Named View Palette has undergone some cosmetic changes.  Line Numbers with WORXBoxes associated with them will now have their own list.

9-1-2015 - Consolidated Build 3.08 Changes

  • Added Check for Updates on all plugins
  • Corrected implementation of Excel Spreadsheets causing errors throughout all plugins.
  • VIEWWorx - The progress dialog can now be automatically closed after drawing production.
  • VIEWWorx - The Isolate and Unisolate buttons have gone on vacation and are no longer available.
  • VIEWWorx - The Named View Palette has had some changes to the insert buttons.  The Insert Single button has been removed while the Insert Multi button has been renamed to Create Single and the Insert Auto Button has been renamed to Create Multi.  The new Create Single button will create a single WORXBox around 1 or more objects while the Create Multi button will create multiple WORXBoxes around 1 or more objects with one WORXBox per object.


8-20-2015 - Consolidated Build 3.07 Changes

  • BUBBLEWorx - Master Material List Creation prevents duplicates of spaces introduced into the long descriptions by CADWorx
  • BUBBLEWorx - Prevent Unhandled Exception when Master Material List is open in Excel and re-creation is attempted.
  • VIEWWorx - Fixed bug associated with stretching WorxBox in one direction
  • VIEWWorx - Ability to turn off Auto-Increment on Insert Multiple.
  • VIEWWorx - Layer Names and Symbols are now consistently named.
  • MTOWorx - Fixed bugs associated with importing custom grids

8-20-2015 - Consolidated Build 3.06

ECE has just released the newest version of its Worx Plugin Suite:

Worx Plugin Suite Release

  • ANNOWorx –  for Labeling Plans and Sections while remaining linked to the 3D Model.
  • BUBBLEWorx – for Bubbling Plans and Sections while remaining linked to the 3D Model.
  • ISOWorx –  for managed isometric production
  • LINKWorx – for linking CADWorx P&ID to CADWorx Plant automatically
  • LOOPWorx – for creating Loop Drawings from and Excel Worksheet
  • MTOWorx – for Bill of Material Control on the fly
  • SUPPORTWorx - for Pipe Support Bill of Materials
  • VIEWWorx – Creating Named Views and Automating Drawing Production. (More information coming soon!)

The Worx Plugins are built for CADWorx and used inside the AutoCAD Environment alongside CADWorx.  The latest download can always be found here.

Worx Plugin Suite: Wish List

I have one final item before I get into the actual updates and additions.  If you have a new feature you want then please put a request in on our new ECE Support Desk Forum here.  We are tracking requests on the forum and inserting them into the development schedule.

Worx Plugin Suite Released: Updates and Additions

  • ANNOWorx: We changed to from buttons to drop-down lists for the style as well as the BOP/TOP/CL selections
  • ANNOWorx: MLeader Styles are built for every change in textstyle.
  • ANNOWorx: Added the ability to IMPORT/EXPORT Settings.
  • BUBBLEWorx: Added support for Polyline Viewports.
  • BUBBLEWorx: Added the ability to IMPORT/EXPORT Settings
  • BUBBLEWorx: Added option for "Snap to default component point" in Manual Mode Option.  This automates the start point of the MLeader to match the Semi-Auto and Auto Mode Snap Points
  • BUBBLEWorx: One issue we saw was with Text Styles when users were changing fonts.  We are now building the MLEADERSTYLE with the TEXTSTYLE in the name.
  • BUBBLEWorx: Added MLeader Scale for AutoCAD 2014
  • BUBBLEWorx: Added Front and Back Clip Functionality.  The viewport target is considered the center.  BUBBLEWorx clips the viewport based on the front and back clips entries on the palette.  If the viewport front and back clips are enabled in the view manager then BUBBLEWorx respects those clipping planes.
  • BUBBLEWorx: Added the ability to bubble Steel using a Master Material List
  • BUBBLEWorx: Added a Measurement Style Drop-Down on the Master Material List Table Palette.

BUBBLEWorx: Unit Options

  • BUBBLEWorx: Added IMPORT/EXPORT of Table Styles
  • BUBBLEWorx: Added Cut List Table Export Option for Master Material List Bubbles.
  • ISOWorx: Added button on configuration screen to open the Current ISOGEN directory in Windows Explorer.
  • ISOWorx: Fixed PDF Functionality.
  • MTOWorx: Added Measurement Style to Toolbox Options.

MTOWorx: Unit Options

  • MTOWorx: Added Find and Replace Options

MTOWorx: Find & Replace

  • SUPPORTWorx: Initial Full Release
  • VIEWWorx: Initial Full Release

Below are a few videos of the new releases: