You have the next release of AutoCAD and you can not view your CADWorx models as solids and the CADWorx object enablers wont install.


You must modify the registry settings path to the latest object enabler.

  • Close AutoCAD and all other Autodesk products
  • Open the Registry Editor
  • Navigate to: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\ObjectDBX\R20.1\Applications\CADWorxPlant]
    • Where R20.1 is the version of AutoCAD you need your object enablers loaded
    • If CADWorx Plant is not there you will need to add it by right click New --> Key
  • Add the following settings by right click New -->String:

"DESCRIPTION"="CADWorxPlant Object Enablers"


"LOADER"="c:\\cadworx 2015\\plant\\support\\CADWorxPlant.dbx"

  • The loader path needs to point to your current CADWorx object enabler

  • Reopen AutoCAD and load a CADWorx model to test.


  • You must first have the latest CADWorx Object Enablers installed.

  • Editing the registry can be very dangerous, and can cause permanent damage to your system. Please proceed with caution and only if you feel confident in your abilities.