Operating System-

64 bit OS- Windows 7 or Windows 10 (still preferred over Windows 8)


Intel Xeon processor with Intel EM64T support and SSE2 technology

i7 Intel Processor- (any i7 processor will give good performance for AutoCAD, let your budget be your guide)


Hard Drive Configuration-

Option 1- Single Drive Setup- SSD Drive for OS and Programs

Option 2-  2 or more Raid 0 configured IDE hard drives for OS and Programs- (the more drives the better the performance will be!)

Option 3- 2 or more SSD Drives configured Raid 0 for OS and Programs - (the more drives the better the performance will be!)

Option 3 will likely give the best performance but this can vary depending primarily on the number of drives in the Raid 0 setup. Given the same number of drives in Option 2 and 3, Option 3 will yield superior performance. Option 1 could outperform Option 2 depending on the number and type of drives used in Option 2.

Graphics Adapter-

NVidia GeForce GTX 600 series video card- (you can spend a lot more on video cards but it’s a waste of money if AutoCAD is the primary use of the machine, AutoCAD doesn’t take full advantage of the expensive media cards and they’re actually slower in some cases)


Baseline- 32 GB RAM preferably DDR3- (more is better- buy as much as budget or machine will allow. If your machine will not take at least 32 GB then you should consider a different computer)


26" or larger monitor for AutoCAD with 2nd monitor for other applications. (Same size is good, again let your budget be our guide)