You have multiple ISOGEN ASC files and you need to merge them into one.


  1. Navigate to and Open the Symbol Editor

 2015 - C:\CADWorx 2015\Plant\Isogen\I-Configure\Symbol Editor.exe

 2014 - C:\CADWorx 2014\Plant\Isogen\Isogen_Utils\Symbol_Editor_2\Symbol Editor.exe

 2013 - C:\CADWorx 2013\Plant\Isogen\Isogen_Utils\Symbol_Editor_2\Symbol Editor.exe

2012 - C:\CADWorx 2012\Plant\Isogen\Isogen_Utils\Symbol_Editor_2\Symbol Editor.exe

  1. In the Menu go to File → Import

  2. Change the file type to ASC in the lower right of the dialog

  3. Select your existing ASC file

  4. Repeat steps 2-4 until all of your ASC files have been imported

  5. File → Export ISOGEN Symbols…

  6. Choose a location and name for your newly merged SKEYs file


CADWorx Plant Professional 2012, CADWorx Plant Professional 2013, CADWorx Plant Professional 2014, CADWorx Plant Professional 2015