Looking to upgrade your CADWorx, Caesar, or PV Elite to the latest version?

Here are the steps to get your systems up and running.

1. Check your hardware lock. (SPLM does not require updating for product updates).

a. Run a log file

i. Local lock (green key) or Network lock (red key)

ii. Ensure that the lock is plugged into a machine with CADWorx, Caesar II or PV Elite loaded on it. (Network locks must be removed from the server and placed on the local machine)

iii. For CADWorx, go to start menu, All Programs, CADWorx XXXX(whatever version you may have), Plant, and pick on the HL ESL Maintenance Utility


iv. For Caesar II or PV Elite, go to Windows Explorer, Program Files (x86), Intergraph CAS, Caesar II XXXX or PV Elite XXXX (whatever version you may have) and run the Pulse.exe

v. Note: There are many ways to run a log file, if you another way, please feel free to do so.

vi. Click on “Show ESL Data”

vii. Look for the line Maximum Version. 

1. CADWorx 2015 must be 1214 or higher

2. Caesar 2014 must be 1214 or higher

3. PV Elite 2014 must be 1214 or higher

viii. If your maximum version is OK, your lock is up to date and you are able to upgrade your software.


ix. If your maximum version does not meet the criteria, 

1. Press the “Log File” button on the ESL Data screen

2. Note the location of the saved files and email both the txt and bny files to support@ecedesign.com and ask to have your key upgraded by entering “Maximum Version Update” in the subject line.  Typically we will update your key within a day but it may take up to 2.

2. Obtain the Software that you are going to upgrade.  ECE sends discs out for all upgrades when they are released. If you do not have the media, contact us at support@ecedesign.com for the media.

3. Install the software and follow the prompts. You may install the software without having the key updated although the software will not run.

4. We highly recommend checking for the latest service pack or hot fix. You can find these on  http://smartsupport.intergraph.com. 

a. Navigate to the View Downloads Tab in the blue bar

b. Locate the software that you are looking to upgrade

c. Accept the Disclaimer

d. Pick the Service Packs and Fixes

e. Download the latest and install using the prompts.

If you have any issues or questions, please email us at support@ecedesign.com and we will be happy to assist.