I need to add a valve or other component to my spec


  • Open your PRJ and then open a spec so you can see its data.
  • Navigate down to and expand the Valves section


  • Right Click on a valve and choose Add from the menu

  • Next fill out the component properties window with the data you need.


  1. Choose the Type of valve

  2. Choose the correct data table from the catalog

  3. Check this box to prevent unnecessary changes to this item in the future

  4. Choose your Size range

  5. Choose the BOM type

  6. Change the layer name if the default does not work for you

  7. Change the color if the default does not work for you

  8. Select your index code if you are using them for part numbering

  9. Choose if this an optional component

  10. Items in here should be filled out at the Spec or Project level in the corresponding description formatters

  11. End Types are defaulted to the settings from the catalog, but can be changed here

  12. If you need a custom Identifier or SKEY assign it here, if not leave blank

  13. Add topworks to the valve is necessary

  14. Choose your Schedule, (usually set in the properties of the spec)

  15. Choose your material(these can also be set in the properties of the spec)

  16. Set the component class for the Start and End connections

  17. You must hit the Add button before selecting out of this dialog or your modifications will be lost without warning.


You must have the data for this component in your catalog.


CADWorx Plant Professional 2013, CADWorx Plant Professional 2014, CADWorx Plant Professional 2015