If you ever experience your CAESAR II file to be running slow, or if you notice odd errors start to creep up in your model, there is a method you can use to refresh the *.C2 file entirely.

1. Open up the *.C2 file.

2. Go to the Piping Input Screen.

3. Choose File > Save As  (Save the file as a new name, in a new directory)

4. While the file is open, navigate to that new directory.  For example, the file that is open should look like the following:

5. Now, Delete every file except for the *._A and  *._J files.  

6. Close CAESAR II.

7. Reopen CAESAR II, the file should now regenerate all control files needed, and the file overall should run faster.

If you still have problems with your CAESAR II file running slow, try out the following solution:

How to increase the memory allocated to your CAESAR II Application