With CADWorx 2015, there were multiple changes to the software by itself.  One particular change that bears explanation was the overall change to CADWorx Design Review and CADWorx Design Create.  This solution should clear up any questions that have to do with licensing or capability for users of these programs.

First of all, there is no more standalone CADWorx Design Create.  This software by itself has been removed as a purchasable option by Intergraph.  In its place, all the base functionality and capabilities of CADWorx Design Create have now been given to CADWorx Design Review.  For any user that used to use CADWorx Design Create, they can now accomplish the same tasks they used to with CADWorx Design Review.  

Second, there was a fundamental change in how licensing works for the new CADWorx Design Review (CDR).  Previously, users would need to purchase a seat of CADWorx Design Create, so that they could use it and CADWorx Plant Professional side by side, since they needed functionality from both software's in tandem.  With this new change, CDR now uses the same license that CADWorx Plant Professional (CWX) uses, which has the following effects:

  • From a standalone HASP key or Network HASP, one license is granted to the computer using CWX or CDR.
  • Only once license is required to run CWX by itself, CDR by itself, or both CWX and CDR at the same time.
  • To be able to run CDR by itself, users will have to purchase a seat of standalone CDR.

So to sum up, if I wanted to load my new project *.dwg into CADWorx Design Review and I had CADWorx Plant Professional currently open,  I'm still just using one license, because that license covers both CWX and CDR.

For SPLM licensing, each licence is provided to each instance open by the program, instead of each machine.  This means that if you have CADWorx and CDR open at the same time, you are using 2 separate licenses for each application.

If you have any questions about this change to CADWorx Design Review, don't hesitate to contact your support team.