You need to share your I-Configure settings. If you are struggling with an I-Configure ISOGEN style and need to send it to the ECE Support team, or if you would like to share the style with another CADWorx user, you can use the Backup feature to make the exchange seamless and easy. The backup feature will bundle up all the necessary files, even if they are located in other network directories.

In I-Configure, click the Tools menu and notice that there are two backup options: Project & Style.


  1. Create a blank directory on your desktop.

  2. Go to I-Configure

  3. Select the style to backup in I-Configure

  4. Go to Tools --> Backup Style


  5. Select the new directory on your desktop

    1. Check the boxes to Include Project (or Style) data, and Include external data. Only check the box for Include existing Style outputs if you want to have the drawings folder contents included. This option can greatly increase the size of the backup, and is normally not selected.


  6. Zip that directory when done

    1. When you click OK, a new folder with all the files needed to create a copy of that Style or Project is created. You can ZIP the folder up using a compression program and attach it to an email, or place the uncompressed folder in a shared location (network drive, Dropbox, etc.).

  7. Email the zip file


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