You copy or move CADWorx components and you have to wait for the Making New Connections progress bar to finish.


This can be caused by your model has a large amount of entities and points in it.


In some cases, this is due to the size of the model being worked on. Recently it seems that there has been a rash of these problems, and the reason was the same, excessive geometry in the model.

If you can limit the number of loaded xrefs in your model the length of time will be reduced as well. You should also limit the extremely detailed blocks models used to presentation models and not your production model.


These wire mesh people that are inserted as a block into a piping model have been found to cause the lag/connection problem. Usually there are several of them in a piping model, increasing the size of the file greatly (in some cases increasing the file size 3x).


This is due to the high amount of geometry that it takes to represent a person realistically.

And while these do add to the presentation of the overall model, they are not necessary for the routing of piping systems.

It is recommended that these types of blocks be used either in an "Overall" or "Project" model rather than the working piping models or XRefed into the model. If necessary, you can copy the xref around as needed, but as an xref, they can be unloaded to improve performance.


CADWorx Plant Professional 2015