Question: I need to get the Spindle direction to show up on my isometrics. 

When topworks is angled, the Direction text box on the ICEDIT window will fill in with the angle. However, if no angle, the text box is blank. I need either to somehow get it to populate with the direction (Up, Down, etc) or find another way for the direction to be labelled on the iso.  Can this be done or do I need to manually update all of my valves with topworks?

Answer:  When you place a valve with topworks, it will fill out the information automatically. If the topworks need to go in a specific direction, not an angle, it does not fill out the angle in the Mark area. You can add your own text to the Mark: section to have it appear in the ISO. Even though the text is not shown, the spindle is drawn in the correct direction as shown in the attached image.