SPECWorx Release Notes Version 5.5.5

  • Fixed issue where Material PTN was not be read in correctly
  • Fixed issue where USER_PART_NUMBER was not coming in correctly.

SPECWorx Release Notes Version 5.5.3

  • Fix issue where ";" used in long descriptions would be ignored and not displayed in the output.

SPECWorx Release Notes Version 5.5.2

  • Fix issue where CADWorx 2014 would allow duplicate Catalog Names and Unique Identifiers.  

SPECWorx Release Notes Version 5.5.1

  • Bolt Part Numbers introduced in CADWorx 2016
  • Made Diameter and Length respect the Display Architectural Units Setting.
  • When the Architectural Component Sizes checkbox is checked, the component  size attribute MAINSIZE_CMP_TBL if added to the long description or other field is displayed as a fraction with an inch symbol. However, for components less than 1”, the fraction comes in with a  space before the value. Example: IF LD  =  (COMPTYPE_CMP_TBL, MAINSIZE_CMP_TBL ). 1 ½” valve might generate a value of  (Valve, 1 ½”) but the ½” valve with the same setup would show up as (Valve,  ½”) which is incorrect because there are now two spaces after the coma instead of one.
  • Updated for new Material Size Tables introduced in CADWorx 2016.
  • Increase performance 500% in processing Specifications.
  • Added New Catalog Processing Features.
  • Added ability to report on Custom Fields.
  • Added Ability to report on Custom Fields in the Long Description, Short Description, Tag and Part Number Fields.
  • Simplified Project Diagnostic Views.
  • Added more Legend Information to describe different QC/Reporting Features.
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes.

SPECWorx Release Notes Version 4.4.2

  • Fixed an issue where Specification Level Custom Fields containing lists.  The PRJ was not able to be read by SPECWorx.  Corrected.
  • Added the additional fields available in 2015 for the Long Description, Tag, Short Description and DBCODE/INDEXCODE Tables

SPECWorx Release Notes Version 4.4

  • Fixed Part Number issue where EndType Part Numbers were not be properly filled in.
  • Fixed EndType Type Designation for Wafer EndTypes.  Wafer EndTypes were not be reported correctly in the Excel Output.  They were being reported as Type 56.
  • Fixed processing speed slowdown introduced in the previous release.

SPECWorx 4.0 Released

  • CADWorx 2015 Compatibility Enhancements.
  • Fixed a naming convention where the spec names too long may cause an error.
  • Added ability to check Index Code Description Field in the different field formats.
  • Fixed parsing error when different field formats contained a “;”

SPECWorx 3.7 Released

  • Added ability to apply branch tables to the specifications
  • Added Isogen Skey field
  • Added Isogen Identifier field
  • Added Reload current project button
  • Added Index Code Field
  • Added the ability to Save and Restore Grid Manager fields.  Grids can now be saved with a project and restored as needed
  • Fixed Max Number of fields exported

SPECWorx 3.6 Released

  • Added ability to apply branch tables to the specifications
  • Added Sort Sequence field
  • Added Ability in Grid to select all fields and removed limit of 30.
  • Fixed Recent Documents Selection

SPECWorx 3.5 Released

  • CADWorx 2015 Compatibility
  • Added ability for SpecWorx to recognize and process the {Bore} keyword in the long description.
  • Added ability to process the new “Header_Size” field.
  • Added a new output field in the Grid Manager to display where the Long Description Format originates from (Project Level, Specification Level, or Item Level).
  • Added a new output field in the Grid Manager to display the Status of the Component (Fabrication, Erection, Offshore, Miscellaneous)
  • Added a new output field in the Grid Manager to display to display the Size Range of the components.
  • Fixed Color Field Reporting which failed in certain cases
  • Fixed Bolt Field LENGTH_CMP_TBL to report correctly.
  • Added Recent Document Functionality to the main menu
  • Fixed O-Let Schedules are now reporting correctly. They report the Reduction Schedule value and correctly interpret the Pipe Size Available field
  • Fixed The Component Description values are now being reported according the Component Type Table in the Catalog for reducing components
  • Added the ability to output to”xlsx”, “xls”, and “csv” file formats.
  • Added the ability to output “xlsx”, “xls”, and “csv” files for each specification.
  • End Types are now decoded in Long and Short Descriptions.